Why Should Businesses Deploy DaaS in 2021?

Modern desktop as a service providers have been focusing on providing a self-service solution to businesses which allows them to gain visibility and control over their current real estate cost of PCs and workspaces. It is possible for them to provision new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) quickly without purchasing and prepping the required hardware or software.

What is DaaS?

DaaS, or Desktop as a Service, is basically a cloud computing platform which allows users to access applications and data stored in the cloud. DaaS provides complete virtual PC environment for employees, reducing IT complexity while lowering costs. Users can access and work from a central location with zero physical presence of PCs in the company's data center.

Computer users access applications and files through a cloud desktop, which provides an exact replica of the user's on-premises environment at any point of time. With DaaS, you no longer have to pay for hardware and software licenses, along with the costs of maintaining them. This also saves you from the hassle of replacing desktop PCs every three to five years. It provides complete virtual PC environment for employees, reducing IT complexity while lowering costs.

Here are the top 4 reasons why businesses should deploy DaaS in 2021:

DaaS is Cost-Effective

There's no denying that DaaS is cost-effective for small and midsized businesses as it eliminates the need to buy, maintain and upgrade on-premises PCs. If you are aiming to streamline your IT operations, then Desktop as a service can help you achieve lower operational costs by removing traditional hardware support services. You also don't have to worry about maintaining or upgrading hardware, as you only pay for the resources that are used.

With DaaS, you no longer need to buy and maintain expensive software licenses and hardware which will ultimately free up money from your budget for other critical business needs.

Top-Class Security

Modern DaaS providers have the expertise and resources to protect your data by providing high flexibility and configurability. You can create different profiles for all users based on their requirements. This means that you get to use a single platform with multiple login credentials, which is ideal if you have employees who are located in different geographical locations or travel often. Also, data is encrypted while in transit and at rest, which means that your data is always safe.

Better User Experience

DaaS allows users to access applications and files from any device or location to enable better overall user experience. With the help of cloud apps, businesses can provide an ideal mix of conventional desktop apps and apps designed for mobile devices. DaaS allows employees to access their applications and files from anywhere on any device, which results in better user experience as well as reduced IT support requirements.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Managed desktop services can help in establishing a common platform which is compatible with any device. This allows the user to access their applications and data from different devices including PCs, laptops, smartphones or even tablets. This comes very handy if you have employees who are always on the go and can't afford to carry multiple devices just for work purpose.

There's no denying that DaaS is a useful tool for IT admins and businesses alike. The adoption rate of DaaS will increase in the coming years, as it benefits both small businesses and large enterprises. It improves the overall user experience by allowing users to access their applications from any place on any device.

DaaS is very cost-effective and saves money as well as time. Small businesses can reap the benefits of cos-effective DaaS providers by saving on hardware expenses, software licensing fees, maintenance contracts and data protection efforts. Additionally, it also offers better flexibility to users which will ultimately boost employee satisfaction.

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