Why Companies Are Shifting to Cloud Workspace More Than Ever

Today’s business environment is exceptionally different from what it used to be five years ago. This means that there has been a rapid shift in remote and hybrid work cultures. In this scenario, the adoption of Cloud Workspaces has become a common phenomenon worldwide.

This blog post will discuss what a Cloud Workspace is and why companies are jumping on the cloud workspace bandwagon left and right.

So, let’s dive right in.

What Is a Cloud Workspace?

A cloud workspace is a virtual desktop infrastructure that can access company data and files from any supported device and any location. It means that companies benefit from shifting applications from in-house servers to data centers. Moreover, users will access their company’s cloud through a provider such as vDesk.works.

Why Is There So Much Hype Around Cloud Workforce?

The question is akin to asking, why a healthy mind is gaining so much fuss? It’s interlinked with the development of the body. Isn’t it! And so is a cloud workspace for the smooth running of a business.

Here are why businesses are flocking to the cloud more than ever.

Downsize Physical Offices

Setting up a business requires a hefty amount of money. Thanks to the cloud, companies can save a bagful of money by switching from capital expense to an operating expense model. So, there is no complex virtual desktop infrastructure deployment needed.

Many companies have started downsizing their physical offices because data is stored on the cloud, not on local devices. Also, Smart cloud workspaces let users access essential data and applications anywhere.

Better Collaboration

Although workforce mobility is at its peak, achievement of operational effectiveness has become a challenge for companies worldwide. Cloud workspaces are considered the best for seamless collaboration and communication as they let users collaborate digitally in real-time.

Instead of going through a pile of emails and downloading files, multiple team members enjoy the benefit of accessing the duplicate files simultaneously.

Unlimited Scalability

Tasks like IT provisioning and allocation no longer hinder business growth. In case of a new business venture or acquisition, businesses can leverage the cloud workspace to meet the needs of end-users. A user can do everything significantly less, from storing to analyzing and processing data.

Increased speed for heavier tasks is another reason why the cloud computing shift is trending. With cloud deployments, companies can handle heavy computing and processing functions smoothly.

Greater Efficiency and Productivity

In this ever-evolving digital landscape, it is whimsically essential to keep pace with the changing market trends. Workforce mobility is one such trend that is gaining attention worldwide. Therefore, getting a Cloud Workspace is one of the most important decisions you can ever make in your business. After all, it also helps increase the overall productivity within an organization.

Instead of a centralized location, employees get the advantage of working from anywhere, even in case of physical disruption. vDesk.works is an innovative and flexible solution that helps organizations increase productivity. It is amongst the fastest and most efficient cloud workspace in the industry.

Improved Flexibility

Organizations should use cloud workspaces due to the flexibility they can provide. Cloud workspaces can be accessed from laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Using cloud workspaces is ideal for companies with a BYOD (bring your device) culture.

Many cloud workspaces are also device agnostic so that any device can use any application. For example, a user can use a Windows desktop while using an Apple device. vDesk.works also update apps such as Adobe, AutoCAD, and QuickBooks so users can easily accomplish their tasks.

Better Security

Another benefit of using cloud workspaces is that they offer increased security. Only authorized users are granted access to the internal server. If a device is lost or gets stolen, its e is revoked. Multi-factor authentication is also used to ensure that only verified users access the server. vDesk.works includes a robust firewall and backups data once per day. In addition, vDesk.works is PCI and HIPAA compliant.

In a Nutshell

Although remote working is the frontrunner nowadays, it has been around for many years. Cloud-based workspaces have made it easier for businesses to take this step without worrying about data loss, unproductivity, and mismanagement.

The above benefits indicate why having a Cloud Workspace is imperative for businesses in 2022. We are currently surrounded by a plethora of Cloud Workspace service providers. So, it is essential to decide which service provider will best your needs.

If you are unsure where to begin, you’ve landed at the right place. For more information, visit www.vdeskworks.com to talk to cloud experts at vDesk.Works and choose the best Cloud Workspace among the rest.

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