Why Should Companies Use VDI?

Our world is more connected than ever before. Therefore, many companies have adopted the use of virtual desktop infrastructures, or VDI. There are many Windows VDI providers currently on the market. These VDI providers include vDesk.works and Windows. There are many benefits of using VDI, such as increased mobility, security, scalability, and productivity. VDI systems like vDesk.works or Windows can also help companies save on costs. Industries such as healthcare, call centers, legal services, accounting and financial services, construction, education, and marketing can all benefit from using VDI software services.

Increased Mobility and Flexibility

The most important reason companies should start using windows VDI software is the amount of user mobility. With applications such as vDesk.works and Windows VDI, users can access the virtual desktop from any device and location with a secure internet connection. vDesk.works can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops. A VDI system can also be accessed on a Raspberry Pi. Users can easily switch between their various devices as long as they are connected to the VDI server. Remote companies can greatly benefit from using VDI systems since employees and freelancers will be using their own devices and not have to get one from the company. Companies with employees traveling between offices in different cities or countries can also benefit from using VDI systems. Furthermore, installing a VDI system allows users to complete tasks when they are away from the workplace, such as during the evening or weekend.

Increased Security

Another reason that companies should use VDI systems like vDesk.works is that they can increase security. All data and files are stored on the cloud server instead of the users' devices. Data can also be backed up daily or at the user or company's discretion. If a device is lost or stolen, management can remove the device's access to the system. Many VDI systems like vDesk.works include other security measures like multi-factor authentication (MFA), anti-virus protection, and firewalls.

Increased Scalability

Windows VDI systems also offer increased scalability. Managers can easily add or remove users and devices from the infrastructure as needed. Users can also access their third-party software and applications from their virtual desktops. Access to software programs can also be adjusted by management according to the company's needs.

Increased Productivity

Another benefit of using VDI software systems is that they can increase the company's amount of productivity. Since the company's virtual desktop can be accessed from any device, this allows users greater mobility to work remotely and not have to stop work if they have to travel to an office in a different country. Also, since processing is done on the serving, this reduces the need for IT teams to spend time and money on purchasing hardware updates. Since the software can run on any device, users with older computers can get their work done without their devices slowing down

Helps Save on Costs

Companies can also save money when they use VDI systems. Since the virtual PCs' data is stored on the remote server, managers do not have to spend money on servers located in the office. Since users can access the VDI server from any device, companies can also save costs on purchasing phones, tablets, or computers. Additionally, users can save costs on hardware and software. By using VDI systems, the value and lifetime of old devices can be increased.

Industries That Can Use VDI

Many industries can benefit from using VDI software systems. Some of these industries include healthcare, call centers, legal services, accounting and financial services, marketing, education, and construction. Different departments of companies, such as business development and human resources, can also benefit from using VDI software solutions.

Having a VDI system installed is very beneficial for companies of all sizes and industries. As our world moves further into the digital age, it will become essential to provide virtual desktop capabilities to employees and freelancers that provide services for the company. A Windows VDI system like vDesk.works can increase employee mobility, security, and productivity. For more information and a live demo, visithttps://vdeskworks.com.

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