What is Cloud DaaS?

More services and data than ever are stored on the cloud instead of on devices. Companies had to adapt as work moved out of the office. Many organizations have started utilizing cloud DaaS (desktop-as-a-service) systems to accommodate remote and hybrid workers. Companies can better control their files and information by using DaaS systems stored in the cloud. Cloud DaaS systems can be used on any device. All industries can utilize cloud DaaS solutions. vDesk.works is an example of a cloud DaaS system that companies can use.

Benefits of Cloud DaaS Systems

There are several significant benefits of using cloud DaaS systems. One of these benefits is increased security. In vDesk.works, users store their files and other sensitive information on the server. The server is located on the cloud rather than the device’s internal server. Since the information is stored on the cloud, users can easily access their data if their computers are lost or stolen. The data is encrypted, so the system is better protected from malware, viruses, and hackers. vDesk.works is also compliant with PCI and HIPAA regulations. Another security feature of vDesk.works is that the system backs up once per day. The backups allow users to easily recover their data in the case of a disaster such as a power outage.

Another benefit of using cloud DaaS systems is that they can be used on any device. vDesk.works can be accessed on laptops, Chromebooks, smartphones, and tablets. Therefore, users can access files and information even when traveling or working remotely. These mobility capabilities are especially useful for employees who have to travel between offices in different states or countries. Furthermore, vDesk.works is device-agnostic, which means that systems and applications can be accessed on devices they are not normally compatible with. For example, vDesk.works users can access Windows desktops while using an Apple device. Workers can also use applications such as QuickBooks, Adobe, and Autocad on their preferred devices.

Cloud DaaS systems also allow users to troubleshoot issues easily. In vDesk.works, users can contact the support desk to help them troubleshoot issues. The session shadowing tool allows for the administrator to take control of the user’s desktop to resolve the issue. Through solutions such as session shadowing, companies can save money on repair costs by having administrators resolve these technical difficulties. Having remote support can also help improve productivity.

Downsides of Cloud DaaS Systems

However, there are some disadvantages to using cloud DaaS systems. One of the main issues companies face when implementing cloud DaaS services is the reliance on a network connection. If the network connection ends up being lost, employees will be unable to work until the connection is restored. Having this reliance on a network connection can decrease productivity. Also, the reliance on the network can make some users feel like they have a lack of control over company information. On the other hand, using the network connection ensures that important files and documents won’t get lost in the case of a disaster. Overall, the benefits of using cloud DaaS systems outweigh any concerns that company managers may have.


Many organizations have turned to storing files and data on the cloud to accommodate the rise of remote and hybrid work. An example of how companies adapted is the use of cloud DaaS systems. Companies can benefit from using cloud DaaS systems due to the increased security they provide, being able to be used on any device, and allowing for easy troubleshooting.

One of the leading providers of cloud DaaS systems is vDesk.works. vDesk.works has provided companies of all sizes and industries with DaaS solutions since 2014. For more information on the services that vDesk.works provides, visit https://vdeskworks.com/.

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