Traditional marketing has always been outbound: advertising, trade shows, cold calls, traveling around to various sites and locations to meet the potential customers. Executives out on the field can only carry so much of the marketing material for a specific request, and there can always be potential clients who want to see more. provides a centralized environment that is accessible from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Centralized Repository provides centralized access to marketing distribution materials, which can be e-books, magazines, catalogs, or any other digital advertising material.

Bring your Own Device

Executives in the fields can use any device like MacBook, Chromebook, laptop, tablet, etc. as provides all executives with the same standardized desktop environment.

Improved Efficiency

With, executives don’t have to run back to the office every time to collect additional material for the new leads. They can access the marketing material from the virtualized desktop on any device, helping them to close the lead efficiently.

Keep Clients Informed

Keep your clients informed by sharing the accurate information you offer to them, all with the solution.

Marketing Case Study

The Challenge

Sharing high marketing materials was a challenge for the firm. It was challenging to deliver the latest available content to board meetings and PR solutions. Members would have to travel back and forth to their PC for carrying data in portable devices. Any changes required to alter content consumes valuable time. The department needed to sort out an easy and quick solution to deliver content without using traditional means.

  • Provide a compliant desktop environment.
  • Support applications necessary for business operations.
  • Support remote employees & work at home programs.
  • Support end user needs of various executives, managers.
  • Hardware provisioning.
The Solution cloud solution provided the way by enabling Desktop as a Service model by implanting a centralized environment solution. With, the marketing team were able to access their work desktop environment and resources from anywhere on any device. Having application and data stored at central location and readily available to compatible device, the team were able to accomplish the task at hand more effectively.

  • Quickly and easily deploy the appropriate desktop configuration per user.
  • Allow employees to work from anywhere, including work at home and bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives.
  • Ensure all employees and contractors are working in a secure, compliant environment at all times.
  • Provide secure data and application access to employees, regardless of device or operating system.
The Benefits
  • Ease of day to day business.
  • Desktops are in their pockets.
  • Enhanced employee productivity generates revenue.
  • Improved mobility, flexibility, & security.
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