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Remote Assistance and Session Shadowing

Our remote desktop support is ready to assist you wherever you are 24*7. The team is available through multiple channels such as Call, Chat, Email, and Ticketing system.

Remote Assistance and Session Shadowing

Through vDesk.works Remote assistance and shadowing tool, the administrator can take remote control of the session with the user's permission.

  • This way, they can provide support for resolving issues occurring on a day to day basis such as setups and configurations.
  • The vDesk.works users and administrators can share same display eliminating small mistakes that could occur lodging help desk tickets or emails.
Remote Desktop Support

vDesk.works Remote Assistance is a convenient way for a technical support team to connect to any remote desktop and provide the user with a quick solution.

  • VDI Remote Desktop Support Services allows our local technicians to give you fast service while saving your money and increasing productivity.
  • Our expert engineers will look into the matter and solve all your issues in time.
  • We provide centralized offshore VDI remote desktop support for all your offices worldwide.
  • With our top-notch services, you don't need to maintain separate IT support teams in each office.
vDesk.works Technical Support
Technical Support

vDesk.works provides help desk support as per the business requirements as per various support plans available.

vDesk.works will be providing support to the queries through the following ways:

  • Email Users can drop their questions at Support@vDeskWorks.com
  • Ticketing Users can also submit a ticket to the support team. During regular business hours, the users can expect to receive a reply from the support team within an hour of ticket submission.
  • This way end users can explain and provide much detailed experience of on hand issues they want to get resolved.
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