Backup and Restoration

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Backup and Restoration
Eliminating Backup Complications

Local Data backups cannot always restore all of a system's data and settings. For example, computer clusters, active directory servers, or database servers may need additional forms of disaster recovery solutions.

vDesk.works eliminates this cumbersome process as data remains secure on vDesk.works' secure environment.

Daily Snapshots

The snapshot feature provisions you to capture the configuration and a daily snapshot of VM's is a copy of the virtual machine's virtual hard disk file at a pre-scheduled time. Snapshots provide a change log for the virtual disk that is used to restore the VM functionality to a particular point if and when a failure or system error occurs. Key feature involves take a snapshot of a running VM without and downtime, and its can be easy to restore when a failure occurs which reduced the downtime.

Disaster Recovery Solutions
Daily Backup

The data is the backbone of the organization it is very important to take the backup of your data on a regular basis. A data backup is a process of creating copy your important files and folders and keep them safe on another location. In case of any computer viruses, hardware failures or file corruption, fire, flood, or theft, you may lose your data then you need to recover from the backups.

Set Backup Intervals

With vDesk.works infrastructure, you can choose the frequency of data backup intervals, whether its incremental backups or snapshots of VM we got you covered.

It's common in some instances that accidental deletions or Database corruption might occur.

Our state of the art backup procedures will have you back up and running in no time.

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