Business Development provides businesses with many advantages and offers considerable savings together with high security, capacity, and a host of managed services.
The bottom line for any business looking to adopt new technology is value for money and a good return on investment. can help you eliminate the costs of running your in-house data center. You won’t need to pay for space, power, physical security, insurance, and air-conditioning or need to cover the costs of ongoing maintenance. Instead, you rely on us to give you a centralized and secure environment that can work with any device, at any location, and at any time.

Instantly Scalable Resources

If you need extra resources because of an unexpected requirement of new desktops, you can increase your computing capacity instantly. If that peak only lasts for a day or two, you can scale down as demand decreases.

Strategic Competitive Advantage

Deployment time on is virtually minimal, and applications that are critical for growth and success can be online almost instantly. Giving you a decisive competitive advantage over competitors who have not yet adopted cloud technology.

High Availability clients are hosted on virtual machines that, in the event of an issue, can be migrated between the clustered server.' hyper-converged design guards against everything from hard disk failure to a complete server failure, enabling mission-critical applications to be available all the time.

Lightning-fast Performance uses load balancing to route client requests in a way that maximizes speed and capacity utilization. In this way, when servers are busy, the load is distributed so that no single server suffers from performance problems. And with so many servers at disposal, can always ensure that performance is consistently optimized for excellent user experience.

Enhanced Security

With, your business is protected against hacking, infection, and internal data theft. Data is secure on a centralized space over the cloud and is encrypted to ensure protection at rest, in transit, and use.

Business Development Case Study

The Challenge

The company was seeking a more cost-effective way to deliver desktop services to its employees and wanted to enable flexibility and introduce consumerization via “Bring Your Own Devices” (BYOD) within the organization. The company had long relied on networking and referrals to provide new client opportunities. The team was experiencing information delay and carry extra resources during presentation and interviews, resulting in a time-consuming process with clients.

  • Business resources were not available centrally.
  • Mobility was limited.
  • Limitation to BYOD.
The Solution cloud solution provided the company with Desktop as a Service model making it more efficient and centralized. With a centralized desktop solution, the team was able to deploy a BYOD model and have their work desktop available to them in the field. helped in increasing their communication efficiency with clients on the field. It became quicker and reliable mode for the team to access their centralized work resources anywhere on any device.

  • Bring your Device became easily manageable.
  • Provide secure data and application access to employees, regardless of device or operating system.
  • Quickly and easily deploy the appropriate desktop configuration per user.
The Benefits
  • Ease of day to day business.
  • Improved mobility, flexibility & security.
  • Enhanced employee productivity improves revenue.
  • Centralized Manageability for secure published desktops.
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