Advanced Security

Benefits and features of vDesk.works for your business growth

Remote Assistance and Session Shadowing

vDesk.works DaaS ensures security aspects such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability. It protects against DDoS, provides excellent security, and complies with PCI, HIPPA, and SOX. It provides excellent security and also protects from DDoS.

PCI Compliant Desktop

vDesk.works desktop helps in leveraging PCI-DSS compliance as the data remains in a secure, centralized location, with no sensitive client data on any operative’s local machine.

HIPAA Compliance

vDesk.works desktop client helps you secure and control data while still enabling users to be productive from any device. The cloud technology provides an interface for the end-users to access and use centralized healthcare data using their equipment.


vDesk.works security feature provides advanced-level security to the companies and saves them from cyberattacks and embarrassing aftermath of a data breach. Data breaches are expensive to manage and clean up, and companies might never recover the damage to their brand. vDesk.works protects its clients from any such threats and provides them a safe working environment.

DDoS Protection

If we talk about layer 3 and 4 attacks, vDesk.works security protects your system from these DDoS attacks. It has adequate protection against the hard to detect layer 7 application-layer attacks, using only a small amount of bandwidth.

Security Features

Operate over an encrypted channel, preventing anyone from viewing your session by tapping into the network. vDesk.works authenticates the users through Active Directory. All connections are made over TLS 1.2, and the data is encrypted at both ends. vDesk.works provides an extra layer of authentication before establishing a secure connection; through the use of Network Level Authentication (NLA) by default. In the case of gateways, we recommend the vDesk.works, as it provides a way to tightly manage access to Remote Desktop ports while supporting remote connections through a single "Gateway" server. The vDesk.works Gateway server listens to the Remote requests over HTTPS and enables clients to the Remote Desktop service on the target machine. Network admins can also investigate the use of Network Access Protection (NAP) with vDesk.works Gateway.

Streamlined Authentication Experience

One-Time Password (OTP) is perhaps the most popular form of multifactor authentication. Requiring users to sign in to individual published applications means they need to remember credentials for each. vDesk.works single sign-on for the Client can help unify access to different distributed applications into one authentication process.

DTLS-based Encryption

vDesk.works leverages the Datagram Transport Layer Security communications protocol, which provides security for published applications by allowing them to communicate more securely.

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