Why Companies Should Use VDI Desktops

Our world has become increasingly mobile. Some workers are now opting to live “digital nomad” lifestyles where they work remotely while traveling. Other companies have adopted hybrid work models where employees come into the office on some days and work from home other days. Due to these changes in the workplace, it has become important for businesses to adopt solutions like VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solutions. VDI solutions can be accessed from any device with a stable internet connection. In this post, we will go into more detail about the benefits of using VDI desktops. The top five benefits include allowing users to work from anywhere, offering increased security measures, improving the user experience, helping companies save on costs, and increasing scalability measures.

Benefits of Using VDI Desktops

#1. Work From Anywhere

Users can work from anywhere with VDI desktops. Instead of relying on physical workstations, users can access their VDI desktops using devices like smartphones or thin clients. Organizations should look for a VDI provider that is device-agnostic so users can access software systems from any endpoint device. For example, users should be able to work on a Windows desktop while using a MacBook or Chromebook. vDesk.works is an example of a VDI system that provides users with this flexibility.

#2. Increased Security Measures

VDI desktops offer users increased security measures. Many VDI systems include multi-factor authentication and single sign-on measures to ensure that only authorized users can access the system. Many VDI desktop providers offer frequent backups and disaster recovery plans so users will not have to worry about losing sensitive or important data in case of an issue like a power outage or natural disaster. VDI systems are also compliant with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI. VDI solutions are secure since any data is stored on a remote cloud server rather than the endpoint device.

#3. Improved User Experience

VDI desktops have better user experiences than traditional desktop environments. VDI desktops’ improved user experiences are due to the flexibility and mobility they provide. No matter what device or operating system a user accesses the virtual desktop environment on, they will always get the same experience.

#4. Save On Costs

VDI desktops can help companies save on costs. When organizations implement the use of VDI desktops, they no longer need to supply devices to employees since they can access the server using their own computers, tablets, or smartphones. Also, many VDI desktop providers have IT support that will help users resolve any technical issue. The provider’s IT support team will use methods like session shadowing to take control of a user’s device to resolve the issue. This reduces the need to have an extensive tech support team in the office.

#5. Scale Up or Down as Needed

Another benefit that companies can gain from using VDI desktops is that they offer increased scalability measures. With these increased scalability measures, managers or administrators can add or remove users or devices as needed. Companies that go through high turnover rates can benefit from having high levels of scalability. Companies that use the services of freelancers or contractors can also benefit from scalability since they can easily add these users to the system.

Potential Downsides of VDI Desktops

While VDI desktops do have many benefits, there are some potential downsides that company managers should keep in mind. One of these potential downsides is that VDI desktops rely on a stable internet connection. Users will be unable to work if their internet goes out. However, many VDI desktop solutions include backups so data can easily be recovered once the internet connection is restored. Users can also work from areas like public libraries or co-working spaces if their home offices do not have stable internet connections. The benefits of using VDI desktops outweigh any potential downsides that may occur.

How to Choose a VDI Desktop Provider

There are several significant VDI desktop providers currently on the market. When selecting a VDI provider, company managers should first read online reviews and testimonials. Many VDI providers also offer online demos and free trials so managers can try them out to see if they work for the company before committing to them. Many VDI providers will also highlight the industries they serve on their websites.

As the workplace becomes more digital, it will be important for businesses to adopt the use of VDI desktops. VDI desktops allow users to work from any device and location. Other benefits of using VDI desktop solutions include increased security, improved user experience, reduced costs, and increased scalability measures.

If businesses want to use the best VDI desktop solutions, they should use vDesk.works. Virtual desktops from vDesk.works are faster and more efficient than traditional desktop environments. vDesk.works has been a leading provider of virtual desktop solutions since 2014. To learn more about vDesk.works, visit https://vdeskworks.com/ to speak with a product representative and receive a live demo.

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