Desktop Virtualization in Healthcare

Healthcare is a vast industry that is spread across small towns to major cities. Throughout, they face challenges storing and accessing patient's medical records in critical circumstances. solutions help doctors & practitioners in accessing patient's medical records, images, and files through a secure, centralized environment.

Data Preservation

The information is stored in a secure data center and is accessible from various locations. Even if something happens on-site, the data is still preserved.

Data Sharing

The ability of the to gather and use data doesn't stop in-house. Health care organizations can leverage this to share industry data easily. To create even more comprehensive big data pools for everyone to learn from in larger, more complex systems.

Telemedicine Capabilities

Thanks to the combination of and BYOD, providing health care from a distance can be achieved. Examples include consultations, telesurgeries, and monitoring patient's data without having them come in.

Maintain Compliance

Ensure users are meeting your compliance standards by instituting HIPAA compliant virtual desktops.

Benefits of for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Case Study

The Challenge

The Medical practice with multi-site clinics in San Bernardino County, California, has over 300 ER visits and around 20,000 clinic visits per year. They have maintained a patient-centric approach by innovative medical technology. The clinics have medical and surgical units and provide emergency medical services along with rehabilitation for outpatient treatments. The clinics across their multiple sites have a mixed batch of 35 aging PCs running practice management software and standard MS office suite. The practices are well connected with routers and LAN on each site. They want to secure the patient data while giving access to the doctors and paramedical staff have easy IT management.

  • Maintain and run an environment of increasing complexity
  • New servers required to run the latest practice management software
  • High cost to maintain, upgrade and support the aging PCs hitting a budgetary constraint
  • Increasingly complex IT administration
  • Supporting the seasonal influx of practitioners by providing expensive PCs
  • Complex and non-centralized data access to doctors and paramedical staff
  • Healthcare compliances
  • More predictive cost management for operations
The Solution helped migrate the medical practice to the cloud. The cloud solution enabled the practice to centralize all their patient data and information in a highly secure environment. This allowed the medical practice to provide easy and secure secure environment, providing easy and secure means of accessing medical data. Data access is restricted by separate group policies for doctors, paramedics, and office staff, controlling the access to sensitive patient data while providing efficient practice management. It is now simple to provide new employees with standardized desktops based on their roles over the standardized published desktop, which are managed by the group policies for doctors, paramedical, and office staff from any location. This allows for highly controlled access to sensitive patient data while still providing an efficient way to manage the practice. They can now quickly offer a standardized desktop to any new employee irrespective of the position.

  • Highly scalable standardize desktop for all
  • Easy and secure access to all centralized files
  • The doctors and the staff can access the data in any clinic
  • The paramedical staff on home visits have secure access to their patient data
  • Work on Windows based work environment even if you have iPADs or Macs
  • Meet with stringent medical regulatory compliances
  • The DaaS environment moves away from a capital intensive to a more manageable monthly payment cycle
  • With fully managed BC/DR included, no need to invest in expensive fulltime IT resources

"The cloud migration and published desktop has been a catalyst for the medical practice to provide a more targeted patient-centric approach. This has given a competitive edge to the medical practice and enhanced their bottom-line by providing more streamlined practice management."

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