Cloud Services for Human Resources

For HR, the recruitment process primarily revolves around the process of candidate resumes, documents, education records, and other sensitive information. Thus, HR has to evolve to keep up with all the security compliances constantly. shifts the security burden away from the individual device and places it within a data center infrastructure that is geared up for the highest levels of protection and compliances.

Improved Accessibility provides access to a secure and centralized environment that is accessible from anywhere, anytime using any device.

Share Files

With' centralized cloud access candidate files, documents, resume, onboarding forms all on the go.

Enhanced Security

Improve security by keeping the candidate's sensitive data centralized instead of distributed on different devices.

Standardized Desktops

With, you don't need to worry about setting up the applications and desktop environment for the new hires. Instead, you can provision the published desktop and assign it to the user, so you are up within the moment.

Human Resources Case Study

The Challenge

Human Resource Department was facing an issue with delicate content widely available and easily accessible from anyone across the network. Confidential documents were stored on local drives rather than network shared which were covered in daily backup cycle. To discuss the documentation in the meeting, HR needed to take a manual copy on a portable device or paper printouts.

  • It raised the security alarm for data integrity and accessibility.
  • Data backup solution not available on local drives.
  • Anyone on the network could access confidential content.
The Solution provided the solution by providing a specific environment for better data integrity and security. HR departments could use their credentials to log into any terminal machine and have a dedicated secure session available.’ solution provided the firm with a secure virtual environment, improving data integrity and security. Having the environment meant that their data was always backed up and secured for business continuity.

  • Dedicated secured and isolated desktop environment for the HR Department
  • Confidential documents are just accessible by HR
  • The IT team is free to focus on improving critical services for other operations
The Benefits
  • Quickly realized the benefits expected
  • Total cost of ownership and efficiency within the IT team
  • Secure access to corporate applications and resources
  • Isolated zone separated from the rest of the corporate environment for better security
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