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The Problem

The Problem

Businesses are fast adopting mobility solutions for increasing productivity and with that arises the challenge for data security. While traveling for business, one might come across open networks in public areas like cafeterias and airport lounges. Using an open network can be a huge threat to one’s confidential information, as there are hardly any defined security policies in place.

Companies focused on marketing provide services such as free Wi-Fi in public areas are mainly targeting more customers for themselves. In doing so, their free internet services are equipped with less or next to none security policies for easy accessibility for customers. Which can result in :

  • Data security issue and threats
  • Leak of confidential information
  • Devices can be easily infected with malware
  • Open network targeted towards another purpose
  • Unencrypted networks
  • Lack of security policies in place

The Solution DaaS environment is equipped with an encrypted security layer that protects your data from a security breach; moreover, while you are using solution’s desktop environment in a public network, you are not exposing your workspace to the open network as the desktop environment is running in the highly secure data center. These virtual desktops are only accessible by the cross-platform clients. The clients are designed with built-in multi-factor authentication to provide you with a centralized and secure environment.

  • Secured and standardized workspace
  • Secure data accessibility
  • Multifactor authenticated desktops
  • Virtual hosted workspaces
  • Always available desktops
  • Desktops protected from DDoS and cyber-attack

Benefits of using

Centralized Data

All your potential organizational data, files and information is stored on a centralized location

Data Is Never On Laptop

The data is never stored on the laptop which is being used for accessing the Desktop

Prevent Hacking Of Machine

Even if your native machine gets hacked, your data stored in DaaS is always secure

No Threat If The Laptop Is Lost Or Damaged

If the laptop gets stolen or corrupted, there is no threat to your Desktop

Zero Downtime On Device Lost ensures zero downtime, if your device is lost then you can log in into your DaaS using any mobile device

Enable BYOD

Providing access to the centralized safe environment which is accessible from any device

Pay Only For What You Use

Pay as you go and pay only for what you use, Packages tailored as per organizational needs

Instant Scalability

Quickly scaling up or scaling down the environment as the user count fluctuates

Desktop Always Ready For You

Login into the client and access your desktop anytime and anywhere

Manage Employees Worldwide

Manage your employees from a single console and control work environment

In case of the device being lost, damaged, or stolen, you don’t need to worry about your data as it is always available on your centralized desktop. Moreover, if your personal laptop is compromised in any way with viruses, malware, or hacked, the attacker cannot get access to your sensitive data, since the desktop environment is being provisioned from within our secured data centers. In case there is no available laptop or desktop workstation handy for you to access your DaaS, you may use DaaS on mobile devices by installing the application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store in a single click. DaaS solution helps you to be more productive, on target and face any challenge.

Since no data is stored on your local machine while you are working with DaaS, it is a safe and secure solution for your business. All your data is stored in a centralized location and is easily accessible to you and other users. Manager provides you with customized security policies for each user, which makes it easy for you to manage access of users even at application level through an easy to use dashboard.

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