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vDesk.works for Students


As college campuses are trying to escape maintaining computer labs on campus, students.

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Desktop Virtualization in Healthcare


Healthcare is a vast industry that is spread across small towns to major cities.

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Cloud accounting software

Accounting & Financial Services

Regardless of your preferred accounting software, access from one device may not cut it.

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Legal Cloud Services

Legal Services

As a lawyer, you may find a vDesk.works necessary to move out of your office and still stay at work or courthouse.

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Cloud Construction Software


The construction industry demands the need to have direct oversight over all projects at all times.

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BPO Cloud Services

Business Process Outsourcing

A competent business process outsourcing company will enhance its services with secure human resources.

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Cloud Services for Human Resources

Human Resources

For HR, the recruitment process primarily revolves around the process of candidate resumes, documents, education records.

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Desktop Virtualization for Businesses


Traditional marketing has always been outbound: advertising, trade shows, cold calls, traveling around to various sites.

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Business Development

Business Development

vDesk.works provides businesses with many advantages and offers considerable savings together with high security.

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