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Millennials today desire flexibility in the workplace, and many firms now wish to accommodate remote working structures, leading to the growing demand for virtual desktop solutions. These solutions simplify implementation and migration for IT administrators while providing unsurpassed safety and control for end-users. Top-tier virtual desktop computer providers such as vDesk.works, Citrix, VMware, and Hyper-V, can answer hardware, software, and other concerns related to desktop virtualization. vDesk.works provides secure VDI and DaaS solutions for businesses of all sizes, equipped with features like simplified database management, disaster recovery, centralized management, and interactive monitoring, all tied together with top-notch security to ensure data safety and user privacy regardless of the type of network being used.

Centralized Administration

From a single pane of glass, admins can oversee server farms, users, and resources through centralized administration, enabling the easy management, installation, and monitoring of user access.

One-Click Installation of Server Roles

The Management Console provides a one-click server solution for managing the server's roles and functionalities. The environment might consist of a single server or a server farm, and managers can easily handle the installation of roles on all servers in the environment with a single click.

Publish Applications, Desktops, and Shared Folders

vDesk.works enables administrators to publish and manage resources such as session-based and virtual desktops. The service allows for the conversion of Legacy applications running on Windows Server 2008, 2012, and 2016, enabling admins to manage the company's and users' requirements efficiently.

Remote Desktop Connection

RDC can also help eliminate the need for different devices. Users can connect to remote desktops, allowing them to always access their work desktops.

vDesk.works load balancing

Load Balancers determine the real-time behavior of servers, such as which server in a pool is most suited to satisfy a client's request. It guarantees that no single server is excessively overwhelmed by network traffic. Each time a user logs into the vDesk.works Client to access the desktop, they are assigned the best and most optimal sessions based on the server load.

Improved Monitoring

vDesk.works' Resource Monitoring tool lets companies see the current server's logs and session status. It monitors a variety of actions that assist in keeping track of users and server resources. With its sophisticated user interface, vDesk.works makes monitoring server resources and user activity simple.

Metrics and Monitoring

The observed requirements may vary depending on the program operating on the server farm. Organizations can monitor several performance measures by utilizing graphical representations of the status of licenses, applications in use, and the number of active users.

Reporting & Log Monitoring

The vDesk.works reporting module enables firms to monitor custom logs and reports for auditing reasons. Each recorded event includes a log entry that details what occurred and why. Additionally, it creates quick results from the gathered logs and exports them daily, weekly, or monthly.

Interactive Dashboard

The customizable Dashboard enables companies to combine charts, graphs, and infographics tailored to their specific requirements. The panel displays real-time statistics on the server farm and its associated events.

Visualization of All Data

The vDesk.works interface displays interactive and thorough information about the DaaS setup, such as server farm health, logs, reports, and application use.

Orientation and Navigation

The vDesk.works console delivers extensive information and statistics about the environment, and the simple navigation enables users to pinpoint desired questions quickly.

Management of Server Farms

It is possible to monitor and maintain server load, create load balancers, and configure health checks that can run regularly to ensure that all critical services are operational. From vDesk.works, the administrator may control the whole server farm and quickly install and oversee the performance of operating servers and applications.

Monitoring Resources

Administrators may view information about server loads, use, clients, and file sharing in a single layout. vDesk.works enables admins to monitor resource availability, operations, performance, security, and other operations-related tasks.

Simplifying Database Administration

vDesk.works Administration Console has a streamlined database management interface that allows for the synchronization of the database at regular periods streamlines the backup and restore procedure.

Service for Database Migration

Database Migration is a cloud-based service that streamlines the migration process. Users can utilize the DMS to transfer data to the vDesk.works cloud through both homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations.

Database synchronization

The feature is advantageous in maintaining data across several SQL Server databases. Admins may store data synced across on-premises databases and cloud solution databases using vDesk.works Database Sync, which can be performed in a one-way or two-way fashion.

The database administrator

The database administrator defines the direction of data transmission between members and the central database. When the process begins, the databases receive Update, Insert, or Delete triggers that push data changes into a table that member databases may access.


vDesk.works offers fully-featured virtual desktop computer solutions for businesses, enabling the creation of dynamic virtual desktop computers. The all-in-one business solution for SMBs includes a comprehensive set of tools for deployment in any office and remote work from any location. By utilizing vDesk.works, companies have access to the same IT services as more prominent organizations while spending less owing to the competitive pricing strategy, ensuring that firms only pay for the services they require. For more information on

vDesk.works, visit vDesk.works.

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