vDesk.works for Students

vDesk.works' centralized cloud helps share files, documents, forms, and assignments with students all on a centralized server farm. With the virtual desktop solutions for education from vDesk.works, students can easily log into their virtual desktop from any device from anywhere and complete their assignments without being limited to a computer lab to complete it.

vDeskworks' custom VDI solutions for education helps promote remote learning by delivering its services anytime, anywhere, and on any desktop environment where students can access their desktop regardless of location whether they are on or off campus.

Manage Students

Have students efficiently turn in homework with constant access to centralized server resources.

Scale with Need

Quickly scale desktops as the student requirements change without constant costly hardware investments.

Support Legacy Apps

Easily support legacy apps to meet each class's specific needs. VDI services empowers school education through this legacy app that helps students to get their work done.

Bring your Device

Students may be using MAC, PC, Tablet, or any other mobile device. vDesk.works provides all students with the same standardized desktop environment via its desktop App.

Education Case Study

The Challenge

The University is focusing on providing a world-class education to their students and preparing them not only to enter a global workforce, but to drive innovative thinking and research that will enrich and give back to their communities.

  • The University is growing and expanding their use of technology; the IT operations were facing a challenge in maintaining aging devices and legacy software.
  • Time and opportunity are essential; professors and students need current software and available all the time.
  • Another challenge that universities face is having to provide data protection against threats like malware and ransomware.
  • Managing thousands of notebooks and desktops while ensuring all software and security protocols are up to date is challenging and time-consuming.
The Solution

vDesk.works helped them in protecting against security breaches and software issues by providing predictive analytics on device hardware. vDesk.works improved the way they managed and supported devices for their students and staff, making it possible to respond more quickly in a proactive manner.

VDesk.works provides an efficient virtual desktop management solutions for various education organizations such as DaaS service for College, VDI Services for School and more.

  • vDesk.works provides complete hardware, analytics-driven endpoint management solutions for virtual desktop education.
  • Education industries tailored vDesk.works solution for management of its help desk, reducing call and ticket volume by half.
  • The IT team is free to focus on improving critical educational services, such as distance and online learning.
  • vDesk.works Daas Service for college helps reduce costs and complexity, promoting more scalable, agile, and modern higher education.
The Benefits
  • Unified management for a distributed environment.
  • User experience is consistent regardless of location.
  • Hardware and device lifecycle management boosts efficiency.
  • Security tools protect endpoint device data.
  • Consistency for devices, services, and support across multiple campuses.
  • vDesk.works VDI solution for education helps students embrace technology as it evolves.
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