Legal Cloud Services

As a lawyer, you may find a necessity to help you move out of your office and still stay at work or courthouse. It's essential to be able to access sensitive files and documents anywhere at any time securely. Spend less time with your IT and more time working on things that matter.

Work From Anywhere

Work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Access your desktop applications and files from the courthouse.

Spend Less Time With IT

As a busy lawyer, the last thing you need to fix is your IT while you focus more on your productivity.

Share Files

With' centralized cloud, share files, documents, forms, and signatures, all on one server with clients and employees.

Keep Clients Informed

Keep your clients informed by sharing the accurate information you offer to them, all with the solution.

Legal Services Case Study

The Challenge

A General practice law firm has reached the stage of growth, its workforce consisting of attorneys. Legal and paralegal assistants are now working from two additional remote offices. They are also hiring interns that often work in these remote offices and sometimes in the main office. This highly mobile and team dynamic needs access to their files, usually stored on their desktops.

  • They are tied down to their existing local legal practice management software.
  • Everyone needs access to the files on the remote sites.
  • Access to Windows-based applications.
  • Require enhanced and secure access to files.
  • Aging hardware needs to be upgraded.
  • Not big enough to warrant a full inhouse IT team.
The Solution cloud solution enabled the law firm to centralize all their client and business-related files and information. platform-agnostic desktop client installed on the aging hardware. This quickly enabled the law firm team easy and secure access to their data and information via the standardized published desktop.

  • For new interns, they are now able to quickly provision windows desktop over Chromebooks.
  • The entire team can access their case-relevant data and information no matter which office they were in.
The Benefits

Benefits of DaaS for your Law Firms, the DaaS environment moves away from a capital intensive to a more manageable monthly payment cycle. With fully managed BC/DR included, no need to invest in expensive fulltime IT resources.

  • Highly scalable and standardized desktops.
  • Easy access over a secured channel to distributive files.
  • The team can work from anywhere on any device.
  • Cloud access to the old practice management solution from anywhere.
  • Windows-based work environment, even if you have iPADs or Macs.
  • Meet with stringent data store and access compliances.

"The solution has provided a competitive edge to the law firm and enabled them to not only engage with their clients in a more informed way but also enhanced their bottom-line by providing a more streamlined practice management."

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