Secure Data Storage

Benefits and features of vDesk.works for your business growth

Remote Assistance and Session Shadowing

Manage your server farm, users, and resources from a single pane of glass. Centralized management makes it easy for the system administrators to manage, deploy, provide and revoke access to the users in an easy to use manner.

AD Authentication

vDesk.works works with AD authentication to make sure the user data is protected. Only the domain users are allowed to log in to the DaaS environment. Active Directory uses Kerberos version 5 as authentication protocol in order to provide authentication between server and client. Kerberos v5 became default authentication protocol for windows server. Kerberos protocol is built to protect authentication between server and client in an open network where other systems also connected. The main concept behind authentication is for two parties to agree on a secret password and use it to authenticate and verify their identity.

User Profile Disks (UPDs)

UPD's (User profile disks) store user and application data on a single virtual drive that is dedicated to one user's profile. UPD's (User profile disks) provide an easy way to save the user settings and data on a separate virtual disk that is reattached at logon, so the user data isn't discarded when the virtual machine is turned off.

MFA Authentication

vDesk.works supports MFA (multi-factor authentication), which verifies the user's credentials, and the user is asked to authenticate themselves with an OTP via phone or email. Multi-factor authentication makes sure that only verified users can access online applications by providing an extra layer of security. MFA can protect a wide range of applications, from your VPN, to Remote Desktop Services, to Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and more. Quick to implement and easy to use, there really is no good reason to delay taking advantage of such cost-effective protection for your business.

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