Enhanced Monitoring

Benefits and features of vDesk.works for your business growth

Enhanced Monitoring

The resource monitoring feature of vDesk.works lets you view the logs of current server, and session status. And it also lets you export logs to excel and search queries. It keeps an eye on the various activities that help you in keeping track of the users and the server resources. vDesk.works makes it easy to monitor the server resources and also to the users with its advanced user interface. You can also monitor the current licenses for the users and can know about the expiration.

Monitoring and Metrics

Depending on the application running on your server farm, your needs that you have observed, may vary. There is a set of performance metrics that are needed to get monitored. And the vDesk.works dashboard can help you achieve that with the graphical presentation of the status of Licenses, Applications in Use, Users login count, etc.

Event Notifications

Notification Events enable users to configure a customizable notification when an event occurs. Get notifications of your services. It presents the activities in a tailored form according to its needs.

Reporting & Log Monitoring

Monitor custom logs and reports for audit purposes with the vDesk.works reporting module. Each recorded event has a log entry that signifies information of what has occurred and due to what. It also generates instant results on the basis of the collected logs and can be exported on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Email Notifications

In today’s busy life you cannot monitor each and every service manually. vDesk.works provides this feature that you can get all the important notifications of your service server farm with a quick email notifications can be sent automatically and triggered by a specific event as set by the administrator.

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