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The Problem

Businesses spend a lot of money, making sure their environment is secured and protected from emerging threats, such as worms, malware, ransomware, viruses and hijacking of sessions and desktop machines. Not all businesses can afford such preventive measures. These days most common threats to any business are emails and the malware they can contain; sometimes users unintentionally open such emails and result in infecting the system or the network.

  • Infected machines can have a disastrous effect
  • Impact on business productivity
  • Costly and time-consuming endeavour
  • Data backups reliability
  • Continuous maintenance of devices
  • Limited information on preventative measures

The Solution DaaS provides real-time protection against malware to ensure endpoint security, assessments, and threats as well as specialized experience to strengthen your virtual network and data security.' threat isolation technology can protect against malware that spreads by emails, browsers, and Microsoft Office, or PDF files. In this way, DaaS can assist you in protecting your data against emerging threats by understanding and responding to them.

  • Powered with end-point protection
  • Ensures data security
  • Reliability of twice a day backup
  • Safeguarding from DDoS attacks
  • Enhances business productivity
  • Anywhere and anytime access

Benefits of using

Email Malware Protection Built-in provides email malware protection while using the desktops

Endpoint Malware Protection powers your organization with endpoint protection from malware

Data Backed Up Multiple Times A Day provides you twice a day snapshot backup

Restore Desktop In Minutes

In case your device is lost, use client on other mobile device and access your desktop

Protection From DDoS Attacks DaaS Datacentres are certified for protection from DDoS Attacks

Improved Business Performance

Employees can access from anywhere at any time of the day or night

Frictionless Employee Engagement

The workforce is given a fast and secure standardized workspace as per their requirements

Lower IT Operating Costs DaaS solution will help reduce the IT operational cost

Start Small And Grow As You Need It

You can start with a small environment and instantly scale up as required

Manage Employees Worldwide

Manage your employees from a single console and control work environment

Companies continue to evolve as digital technologies transform industries. The workforce is mobile, fast, and efficient, which requires dynamic infrastructure and connectivity based on the cloud. DaaS provides secure access to your published applications and data on the cloud and allows them to be accessed from any device, anytime and anywhere. adopts a zero-trust security model to address various challenges. A zero trust architecture assumes that everything on the external network is hostile and adopts a "verify and never trust" perspective. authenticates and authorizes each device and user before delivering applications or data, and monitors the application network access and activity through registration and behavior analysis. DaaS secured environment provides protection against malware and ransomware, phishing scam, and the exfiltration of data. As businesses and individuals respond to this flood, attack methods are changing. Cybercriminals have perfected and customized their techniques, targeting specific businesses, and looking for vulnerabilities for a different purpose. provisioned email and malware protection: - As attackers implement new ways to infiltrate via sending the spam/phishing emails, unsuspecting users are often scammed by "seductive emails" containing topics such as "You've just won the lottery" or "You've just won a free trip" and so on. With state of the art email and malware protection, DaaS can help mitigate such attacks.' endpoint malware protection actively prevents malware/ransomware from infecting an environment. In the environment, all of the servers are guarded with the anti-malware system, providing you with a worry-free solution for your data. team actively monitors and manages any upcoming threats rectifying them beforehand.

Once the Desktop Client is installed on the user's personal computer, all the user activity takes place in a virtual environment hosted in secured data center. In case the user manages to infect the virtual desktop operating system with malware, allows the network admins to restore the desktop to its previous state manually from a backed-up image. also provides non-persistent VDI solutions in which the desktop is restored to its original state automatically after every logoff.

When using a personal computer to store any information, it is essential to make sure your data is backed up on secondary storage. An unexpected event, such as a hard disk crash, file corruption, or even a virus, could erase all your important data when you least expect it. Therefore, backing up data needs to be an essential part of your business; not everyone is doing it correctly. DaaS solution takes the backup of your published desktop data at regular intervals and stores it on the different geographical locations so that you can concentrate on your business, not your network.

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