Virtual Desktops for Financial Services | VDI for Accounting Services
Cloud accounting software

Collaborate and share files with clients and colleagues, all the while ensuring data security without needing to add the additional IT resources.

Manage your accounting practice, employees, and clients with virtual desktops. Host your favorite bookkeeping desktop applications in the secure VDI for enterprise cloud environment, and instantly collaborate with employees and clients. This will allow you to spend less time managing your IT infrastructure and more time focusing on your clients.

Host your Applications

Host all of your accounting desktop software plus hundreds of other desktop applications with' vdi for businesses service.

Client Collaboration

Collaborate with clients with access to desktop applications anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Simplify your Work

Share files, documents, forms, and signatures with employees and clients through a centralized and secure vdi for businesses environment.

Accounting & Financial Case Study

The Challenge

Financial Service professionals are often on-field or off-site addressing customer service needs. They use laptops and mobile devices to access data, but access to essential productivity applications and business resources is not always possible.

  • This slowed down productivity and made it difficult for field employees to complete tasks without requiring a trip to the office.
  • Another challenge is the lack of a centralized management platform leaving the IT department to configure employees' devices and application efficiency consistently.
  • The company needs a way to scale their deployment and work within legal and regulatory compliance.
  • It requires flexibility to support acquisition and divestiture cycles to meet the market demands.
The Solution

In just a few weeks from planning to execution,' VDI for enterprise deployed the VDI or DaaS solution to establish a cloud-based, centrally managed infrastructure for their 300 plus field employees. The company now leverages the desktop as a service solution to bring its directory services, applications, and internal resources to the Cloud and simplify management for its IT team.

  • The business delivers virtualized desktops to employees using' vdi for businesses solution.
  • Employees get a familiar desktop experience across devices to access essential productivity applications for their tasks from anywhere easily.
  • The in-house IT team utilizes the mobile App for Android or iOS to provide additional security and streamline deployment to business and employee-owned mobile devices.
  • brings cloud-based VDI for enterprise virtualization solution, hosting, and scalability to them.
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The Benefits
  • The company data is now more secure than earlier.
  • Working on-site with the customer is more comfortable.
  • Users can work without interruption while in the field.
  • The Finance Services firm is more agile in the market.
  •' vdi for businesses has increased their productivity and effectiveness.
  • Employees are more mobile as they access their secure desktop via App.
  • The IT team is more effective in managing the environment.
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