Simplifying Database Management

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Database Management

vDesk.works Management Console works with simplified database management. The database is synchronized at regular intervals and simplifies the backup and restoration process.

Database Migration Service

Database Migration Service is a cloud service that makes it easier to migrate to relational databases. vDesk.works DMS service can be used to migrate your data into the vDesk.works cloud. It can handle various migrations, such as homogenous migration, for Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migration, for Oracle to MySQL. An administrator can access the vDesk.works DMS from the vDesk.works Management Console.

Furthermore, the administrator can define a database source from which data has to be transferred to the receiving database. vDesk.works DMS allows the replication process to begin within minutes, and monitoring solution provides the administrator with real-time performance updates. It supports MS SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle in the cloud, or on-premises.

Database Sync Interval

vDesk.works Database sync is useful in cases where data needs to be kept up-to-date across several SQL Server databases. With vDesk.works Database Sync, admins can save the data synchronized between on-premises databases and cloud solution databases. Database sync intervals can be scheduled quickly through the vDesk.works dashboard. Database synchronization is the operation of establishing data consistency between two or more databases and can be replicated one way or bidirectional.

vDesk.works database administrator configures the database as a sync group that specifies the data transfer direction between members and the central database. When the process starts, the databases will receive Update, Insert or Delete triggers, which push the data changes into a table for member databases to receive.

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