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Data Provisioning and Integration
Automated App and Desktop Thin Provisioning

User disk profile management: vDesk.works allows the administrator to store user and application data on a virtual disk dedicated to the user's profile. User profile disks provide an easy way to store user settings and data on a virtual drive that is reattached at each logon. When the virtual machine rolls back, the user data is not discarded. User profiles are stored on a centralized storage server and used in provisioning the published desktop and applications. User profile disk will save user application data and also allows users to keep their documents on the virtual drive connected to the user's profile. We can access centralized storage from any session when connecting to different computers in a published App's and desktop environment.

User profile disks offer various advantages:

  • Reduced logon and logoff times
  • Configuration and deployment is more straightforward
  • User profile disks stored on local storage or SANs
  • Administrators get more granular control of which locations get saved to the virtual drive
  • High Availability Database: vDesk.works provides this functionality to back up the console database; if for any reason, the current database gets corrupted, the administrator can restore the old database. A high availability database is built to eliminate single points of failure. They are optimized to ensure that the end-user does not experience any interruption in service or degradation in user experience when hardware or network fails.
  • Integrated Licensing: vDesk.works helps the administrator to manage the licenses of clients through the console, and moreover, the administrator can monitor the usage of these licenses with the help of vDesk.works Manager.
  • Install Servers / Roles: vDesk.works allows the Admin to install Server Roles with just one click. Admin can easily install or uninstall various server roles through vDesk.works Manager.
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