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The Problem

The company is primarily engaged in contracting with workers across the globe and moreover, the contracted workforce work according to the company’s projects and work requirements. The company always tend to employ new contractors and assigning them tasks. Managing this fluctuating workforce and the hardware required to support them was getting complicated and time-consuming.

  • Long lead time to employee productivity
  • Adherence to company culture
  • Lack of trust and cohesion within the team
  • Data protection issue
  • End-user management
  • Sharing data with employees

The Solution

Hosted desktop by makes the whole process of engaging with the contractors frictionless, as it is an entirely scalable and reliable solution to the problem. DaaS helps in onboarding a large number of users at once. You can quickly scale the environment to meet with the additional user load. By using DaaS, all the contractors can also simultaneously access the same platform using clients with access to centralized corporate data. It is an excellent enabler for seamless team collaboration, as there is an ease of sharing files and project-related work with each other.

  • On-demand scalability
  • Ease to share large data with employees
  • Data is secure on the centralized location
  • Tracking work and productivity from a central console
  • Easy to manage users
  • Control work environment with granular policies
  • Cost-effective solution

Benefits of using

Improved Business Performance

Employees can access from anywhere at any time of the day or night

Start Small And Grow As You Need It

You can start with a small environment and instantly scale up as required

Manage Employees Worldwide

Manage your employees from a single console and control work environment

Frictionless Employee Engagement

The workforce is given a fast and secure standardized workspace as per their requirements

Customize Desktops To Match Work Requirements

Customizable & scalable to fit your business needs

Policy Enforcement

Assign specific application access policies to client groups to define connection settings


Minimize the threat of data theft with secure access. Only registered users can access applications

Lower IT Operating Costs DaaS solution will help reduce the IT operational cost

Maintain Compliance

Ensure users are meeting your compliance standards by instituting compliant virtual desktops

High Availability clients are hosted on virtual machines guarding against everything from hard disk failure to a complete server failure

Managing employee accounts becomes easier and hassle-free using the manager’s policies. You can easily enforce and revoke permissions on to the clients and manage your users from remote locations. Time, location, and the device will never be a barrier when you are using DaaS. DaaS solution environment can be scaled whenever required. DaaS provides you with the ability to decrease user count according to your requirement; you only have to pay for what you utilize. The scalability of, which allows you to elastically increase and decrease licenses, makes it a cost-effective product for your organization. grows with you, supporting your growth and excellence in the market.

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