Manage Remote and Virtual Employees

Managing Remote or Virtual Employees Hassle-Free


The Problem

A global provider of customer care outsourcing has a large employee base with a work from home program and agents across the globe who work in teams, using their personal devices. The company was facing many challenges like tracking remote employee performance and activities, cohesion within the team and coordination, communication between the teams.

Managing the virtual or remote employees had become a concern with the productivity of the company taking a hit. Employee tracking and remote support was a major issue.

  • Cumbersome applications
  • Lack of team coordination
  • Communication gap in teams
  • Data security concerns
  • Inability to enforce restrictions

The Solution remote computer management equipped the company with robust and scalable managed virtual desktops and applications hosted on a centralized secured data center. It is compatible with all mobile devices, including Chromebook, laptops, tablets, iPads, USB drive, and smartphones running on Android or iOS. Manager provides flexible control to network admin. It is easy to enforce security policies and settings for Users, Groups, and Applications from a centrally managed dashboard.

  • Effective and effortless remote workspace management
  • Secure and standardized desktop
  • Customizable access policies
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Data backup and archiving
  • Secure remote data accessibility

Benefits of using

Standardized Desktop

Give all your remote working employees same standardized desktop with all the applications preloaded

Easy User Support

Manage your remote working employees easily using' shadowing tool High Availability

Centralized Environment keeps your organizations data secure in a centralized location

Personalized Experience

Customize application delivery, security and controls according to job role, group or tasks

Maintain Compliance

Ensure users are meeting your compliance standards by deploying standardized published desktops

Instant Scalability

Quickly scale the environment up or down as your remote workforce increases or decreases

Cost Saving DaaS removes the need for dedicated in-house IT infrastructure and promotes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Policy Enforcement

Assign specific application access policies to client groups to define connection settings

Protection From DDoS Attacks DaaS Data centres are certified for protection from DDoS Attacks

Manage Remote Employees Worldwide

Manage your remote employees from a single console and control work environment DaaS solution can help leverage the rising momentum of "BYOD - Bring your own device." remote computer management allows remote employees to securely connect to company published applications and access privileged business data remotely anywhere, anytime and on any device. Remote employees can securely connect to a company's published remote desktops that are preconfigured to address all of the organization's security requirements and compliance adherence. Once the Desktop client is installed on the user's personal computer, all the user activity takes place in a virtual environment hosted workspace in' secured data center. provides a secure remote computer management solution which caters to a different range of client policies for protected access to sensitive corporate data by enforcing policies based on a specific user, an active directory group, or even through end user's device. Management Console provides you with a hassle-free transition from the conventional method to one with greater agility and inherent scalability. DaaS enables mobility where employees are empowered to address customer needs immediately, collaborate with others while accessing centralized company data. This, in turn, provides a new strategic direction for improving value for the organization without any additional cost, thus ensuring tighter alignment with business needs. It can help the business focus on accessing a broader pool of talent and quickly onboard new agents with secure remote desktops accessible from any device.

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