Remote Apps

A Secure Remote Network Environment

The Problem

The Problem

An Organization with a global footprint had a compelling need for consolidating its 3,000 strong distributed workforce. They required all the global offices to come on board on a standardized platform that was prevalent in the US head office and this was turning out to be quite a challenge. They needed to find a solution that would provide for a safe and secure data dissemination between the global office users.

  • Hard to manage remote apps
  • Remote management seems troublesome
  • Hard to make and keep backup of the deployed desktops and laptops
  • Legacy applications inaccessible
  • No security measures in place for data on the laptops
  • Time-consuming endeavour
  • No centralized method in place

The Solution DaaS solution was able to empower the organization to embrace the digital transformation by providing remote applications and hosted virtual workspace. centralized management console allows the administrators to quickly publish and provision the standardized applications and desktop. These were assigned to each global office based on their requirements. The DaaS enables each user to access published applications remotely through its lightning-fast Client for seamless user experience. As all the global users were working in the virtual workspace, it formed a centralized data center and also solved the data backup and security issue.

  • Centralized hosted applications
  • Enhanced security and data backup
  • Easy access to legacy applications
  • Seamless user experience
  • Centralized control for published applications
  • Individual permissions on applications

Benefits of using

Standardized Workspace provides for a standard scalable working environment

Repurposing of Legacy Applications supports all the legacy applications supports the working of legacy applications on any environment

Access Control on Applications

You can control the access to applications by enforcing policies using DaaS

Application Virtualization DaaS makes it easy to provision your applications virtually

Ease of Manageability

You can manage your desktops, applications, and users from a single console

Enable BYOD

Providing access to the centralized safe environment which is accessible from any device

Pay Only for What You Use

Pay as you go and pay only for what you use. Packages can be tailored to meet your organizational needs

Instant Scalability

Quickly scaling up or scaling down the environment as the user count fluctuates

Desktop Always Ready For You

Login into the client and access your desktop anytime and anywhere

Manage Employees Worldwide

Manage your employees from a single console and control work environment DaaS app virtualization can be an effective way for organizations to implement and control their desktop applications. One of the key benefits of remote apps virtualization is that administrators only need to install an application once on a centralized server rather than multiple times on each individual desktop. This process also makes it an effective approach when there is a new update available for hosted applications and roll out of patches. provides easy manageability for access to applications; if a user no longer needs access to an application, the administrator can simply revoke access to the application without having to uninstall it from the user's desktop. DaaS also provides streamlined security to published applications hosted in a centralized environment. Because the applications are not running on the endpoint devices, no data is at risk even if a device is lost or stolen. The solution can also help provide access to your legacy applications when you migrate to newer OS or purchase a new PC; all you need to do is to install the client and access the applications, instantaneously. cloud-hosted application is a comprehensive application delivery platform that is easy to manage and use. DaaS also provides for load balancing, printing, and device redirection. allows you to set individual app permissions, either for each user or on a group-by-group basis; this helps administrators avoid installing and updating applications on every endpoint and even minimizes storage use by removing unnecessary apps.

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