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BPO Cloud Services provides the ability to quickly scale up and down the number of users almost instantaneously. Everyone has a secure, centralized environment to work on regardless of their location or device.

Virtual hosted desktops from offer BPOs a range of features to optimize workforce efficiency without any complications.

Lower Capital Expenditure

With outsourcing, companies do not have to worry about preparing infrastructure for business support. This feature helps businesses save capital expenses by delivering accurate and on-time solutions.

Improved Agent Productivity

High-performance cloud desktops provide a consistent, reliable user experience to boost agent productivity.

Personalized Experience

Customize application delivery, security, and controls according to job role, group, or campaign (i.e., shift supervisor, agent, etc.).

Centralized IT Management

Focus IT on business processes and customer satisfaction instead of device management and desktop support.

Business Process Outsourcing Case Study

Accurate and Quick helps to deliver a reliable and fast response to customers. BPOs can leverage it by bringing a speedy response to the customers and monitoring the real-time updates of the business service over the internet. offers fully-managed DaaS solutions for BPOs, allowing them to focus on core deliverables of their business while takes care of their IT processing needs by maintaining their virtual desktops.

The Challenge

Mercury Technologies hosts a medium-sized office with 100 users, mainly focusing on Software Development and Testing. The internal team of developers were provided with state of the art computers packing Intel i7 processors with 16 GB memory to keep up with application needs. With their expansion to two new office sites, contractors were hired to fill up the demand with custom application development and testing. With that came the challenge of providing more PC systems and application licenses along with tailored group policies. The small IT team was facing issues with bloated redundant Softwares left on PC after contractors finished with their tasks or moved on. Along with other applications available to them, which were no use at that time.

  • High cost to maintain, upgrade, and support the PCs.
  • Increasingly complex IT administration.
  • Access to Windows-based applications.
The Solution cloud solution enabled the company to centralize all their application development and user-based instances. platform provided the company with different types for centralized VDIs varying from high tier to low tier depending on end-user requirements. With a centralized storage option, solution quickly deployed Group Policy Security permissions for contract-based employees. Managing centralized applications and systems reduced the workload on the in-house IT team, providing them room to grow and support other business operations.

  • Highly scalable standardized desktop for all.
  • Easy and secure access to all central resources.
  • Different VDI for each department in different BPOs.
  • End-to-end VDI Monitoring for BPOs from a single console.
The Benefits

VDI solutions for BPO industry have proved tremendously beneficial and increase productivity by identifying and fixing the issues that lead to poor virtual desktop performance.

  • Reduced capital expenditure.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Heightened resilience and reliability.
  • Better green profile.
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