What Companies Should Look For in a DaaS Service Provider

Over the past few years, the use of desktop as a service (DaaS) systems has dramatically increased. A DaaS system is a virtual computing system that allows users to access their data from any device. The data is stored on a remote server instead of the device’s storage.

Even as companies have returned to working in the office, others have opted to continue to have remote work environments. Since many workers are collaborating between locations, using DaaS systems has become essential for many industries. DaaS service providers can help improve productivity within a company. However, some business managers may be unsure of what to look for in a DaaS service provider or why they should invest in one.

Features and Benefits of DaaS Service Providers

1. Flexibility

One of the main benefits of using a DaaS service provider is that it offers increased flexibility. By storing files and information in the DaaS cloud, users can access them at any time while using any device. Cloud desktops can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Other devices such as smart TVs and Raspberry Pi system, can also be converted into cloud desktop computers. Having this flexibility is useful for companies with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. Some DaaS service providers like vDesk.works allow users to access a Windows desktop while using an Apple device.

2. Scalability

DaaS service providers also offer high levels of scalability. Scalability is beneficial for organizations that experience high levels of employee turnover. When a DaaS provider has high scalability, managers can add or remove users, devices, or servers to the infrastructure without having to invest in additional software or hardware. Scalability also allows for the capacity to be increased or decreased in a short amount of time, which increases the company’s productivity. Software downloads can also be adjusted as per the organization’s needs.

3. Security Measures

Another benefit of using a DaaS service provider is that it offers increased security measures. Users can rest assured that their data and information will be safe and secure when using a cloud desktop. The cloud desktops are accessed through secure gateways. Many DaaS providers offer security measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and user profile disks (UPDs). Multi-factor authentication verifies the user’s credentials and then asks them to confirm their identity by inputting a code sent via phone or email. User profile disks are on a user’s profile and display user and application information. Many DaaS service providers back up once per day so that data will be safe in the event of a disaster such as a power outage. DaaS service providers like vDesk.works will also include firewalls and anti-virus protection so hackers will be unable to access sensitive company data. Managers should ensure that their DaaS service provider has these security measures.

4. Integration With Legacy Apps

Managers should ensure that the DaaS service provider they choose can integrate with legacy software and applications. In an ideal DaaS service provider, users will be able to download third-party software like QuickBooks, AutoCAD, and Adobe Photoshop to their virtual desktop system for easy access. Managers can add and remove these software downloads as needed.

5. End-to-End Support

Managers should also ensure their selected DaaS service provider has sufficient end-to-end support. End-to-end support is defined as the supplier providing tech support to the user. Many DaaS service providers like vDesk.works will provide tech support to users. Users can gain support by submitting a help request through email, phone, or a support ticket. The tech support can be conducted remotely with the support agent resolving the issue by taking control of the user’s device in a process known as “session shadowing.” Session shadowing is useful for situations where the user does not know how to resolve the issue. Managers should ensure their DaaS service provider has sufficient end-to-end support so they won’t need to maintain separate IT support teams in each of the company’s offices. Having end-to-end support can help companies improve their overall productivity since there will be less device downtime.

In Conclusion

The rise of remote and hybrid work environments has led to more companies using cloud desktop computers and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) infrastructures. There are several significant benefits to adopting the use of cloud desktops and DaaS providers. Companies with a cloud DaaS infrastructure can increase flexibility, scalability, security measures, integration with legacy applications and software, and efficient end-to-end support.

If companies are looking for a DaaS service provider that can fulfill all of their needs, they should consider vDesk.works. vDesk.works is a world-renowned DaaS service provider. Companies of all sizes and industries have used vDesk.works’ virtual desktop solutions. For more information on vDesk.works, visit https://vdeskworks.com/ to speak with a product representative and view a live demo.

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