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Benefits and features of vDesk.works for your business growth

Cloud Integration

vDesk.works is a robust platform which can be implemented on any cloud or in-house platform. vDesk.works supports on premise, hybrid, and cloud deployments, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Enable your organization to be more agile with a flexible architecture that supports Windows Server (2012R2, 2016, 2019 & 2022).

Deploy On-Premises

vDesk.works functionality can be deployed on local servers in house with customized applications and services according to business needs. You can get all the benefits of vDesk.works regardless of it being deployed on the cloud or on-premises. vDesk.works is easy to manage, and you can monitor all the server platforms with a single console, which is accessible from any device and anywhere over the global.

Cloud Integration

vDesk.works can be deployed on any cloud platform very easily. Deploy vDesk.works on cloud servers and have easy access available to multiple devices at the same time.

Hybrid Deployments

Share the vDesk.works environment with physical servers and cloud solutions. Data can be synchronized. With the hybrid deployment, you can easily synchronize your data between on-premises data and cloud-based servers.


vDesk.works installation has never been easier to deploy with simple to use pre-configured wizards and configurations. You can setup vDesk.works environment with only a few clicks, and within minutes, you can manage all the servers and deployments on the vDesk.works console.

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