• Portable Desktop

    Safe, secure and resilient Reduced capital expenditure Desktop follows you everywhere Cross device compatible Desktop always ready for you

  • Most Cost Effective Option

    Repurpose Legacy Software Pay for only what you use No hardware depreciation Aging hardware repurposed Always the latest software

  • Secure and Safe

    Centralized data Data is never on laptop Prevent hacking of machine No threat if laptop is lost or damaged Zero Down time on device lost

  • Instant Scalability

    Improved business performance Start small and grow as you need it Manage employees worldwide Increase and decrease in demand Customize desktops to match work requirements

  • Manage Remote and
    Virtual Employees

    Standardized desktop Manage approved apps Centralized management Enforce IT-Polices for BYOD Controlled access to company data

  • Malware and Hijacking Protection

    Email malware protection built in Endpoint malware protection Data backed up multiple times a day Restore desktop in minutes Protection from DDoS attacks

Deploy on any Cloud

Cloud Integration

  • Deploy vDesk.works on cloud servers and have easy access available to multiple devices at the same time.

Hybrid Deployments

  • Share the vDesk.works environment with physical servers and cloud solutions. Data can be synchronized.


  • vDesk.works installation has never been easier to deploy with simple to use pre-configured wizards and configurations.

Private Cloud

  • vDesk.works functionality can be deployed on servers with customized applications and services according to business needs.

Advanced Security

Access Control

  • Prevent unauthorized remote access to confidential network information through advanced access control.

Granular Client Policies

  • vDesk.works allows you to secure corporate data by enforcing client policies. These policies can be applied to a specific user, an Active Directory group, or even by the end-user device.

Secure Hosting Environment

  • High availability, secure cloud-hosted server farms. vDesk.works provides zero downtime and keeps your business needs up and running.
  • Users access their virtual desktop through a secure Gateway. The secure desktop enables businesses for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.
  • vDesk.works further ensures user's security by implementing multifactor authentication (MFA).
Solutions for Healthcare

Cutting-Edge Technology

Automation with PowerShell API

  • The vDesk.works PowerShell API enables administrators to automate complex and repetitive tasks with PowerShell cmdlets with the corresponding parameters.

Session Load Balancing

  • vDesk.works manages session-based load balancing, which enables the load balancer to bind a user's session to a specific instance. This ensures that all requests from the user during the session are sent to the same instance. Routing client requests across all servers capable of fulfilling those requests in a manner that maximizes speed and capacity utilization and ensures that no one server is overworked.

GPU Backed VDI

  • Increase your productivity and immersive experience in ADOBE and Autodesk products.
Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance and Session Shadowing

  • Through vDesk.works Remote Assistance and shadowing tool, the administrator can take remote control of the session with the user's permission

Remote Support

  • vDesk.works Remote Assistance is a convenient way for a technical support team to connect to any remote desktop and provide the user with a quick solution.
Enhanced Monitoring

Enhanced Monitoring

Performance Monitoring and Metrics

  • Depending on the application running on your server farm, your monitoring needs may vary. There is a set of performance metrics that should be monitored, and vDesk.works dashboard can help you achieve that.

Event Notifications

  • Get notifications of your services. Each notification can be tailored according to needs.

Reporting & Log Monitoring

  • Monitor custom logs and reports for audit purposes with the vDesk.works reporting module. Reports can be exported daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis.

Email Notifications

  • Get notifications of your services and server farm; email notifications can be sent automatically and triggered by a specific event as set by the administrator.
Seamless End User Experience

Seamless User Experience

Application & Desktop Delivery

  • IT administrators can effortlessly publish and manage a wide range of applications and desktop types with intuitive the publishing wizard.

Web-access from Any Device

  • vDesk.works HTML5 web-access provides rich workspace experience, including support for local peripherals, file drag & drop capabilities, and shared clipboard.

Hardware Repurposing

  • Transform any underpowered legacy device into a full workstation with all the local peripherals-printers, scanners, smart card readers, etc.
Desktop As A Service

vDesk.works for on Premise to DaaS

Centralized Shared Publishing

  • vDesk.works helps you to share your local file server using the its secure environment portal. You can access your on-premise file server anywhere over the internet.
  • No need to go back to the office for collecting the essential and potential data or files. Just use the vDesk.works client to access your local file server.

Physical Desktop Publishing

  • vDesk.works helps you mount your physical machine anywhere through the help of the vDesk.works manager.
  • This feature allows us to carry over data located on the local computer to the vDesk.works environment reducing the need for creating or copying files across different media.
Backup Solutions

Backup and Restoration

Eliminating Backup Complications

  • Local data backups cannot always restore all of a system's data and settings. For example, computer clusters, active directory servers, or database servers may need additional forms of disaster recovery solutions.
  • vDesk.works eliminates this cumbersome process as data remains secure on its safe environment.

Set Backup Intervals

  • With vDesk.works infrastructure, you can choose the frequency of data backup intervals, whether its incremental backups or snapshots of VM we got you covered.
  • It's common in some instances that accidental deletions or database corruption might occur.
  • Our state of the art backup procedures will have you back up and running in no time.
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Secure IT Operations

  • vDesk.works offers step by step disaster recovery strategies for recovering disrupted systems and networks from minimizing negative impacts to company operations.
  • A disaster recovery plan provides a structured approach for responding to unplanned incidents that threaten a company's IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, and networks.

Azure Recovery Solution

  • vDesk.works supports the Microsoft Azure recovery plan. With the vDesk.works on-demand recovery plan, you can monitor your applications for a warning sign that may require proactive intervention.
  • Our failover and high availability strategy keeps your vital data secure with regular snapshots and incremental backups because vDesk.works cloud-based solution delivers virtual desktops and applications to end-users on any device.
Interactive Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

Visualizing All Data, At a Glance

  • vDesk.works dashboard provides you with interactive information about your DaaS environment, including the server farm health, logs, reports, application usage, etc.

Intuitive Orientation and Navigation

  • Seamless navigation throughout the console for server farm management.

Server Farm Management

  • vDesk.works allows administrators to deploy and manage the performance of up and running servers and applications in a single click.
Centralized Management

Centralized Management

One-Click Server Role Installation

  • Management Console provides options to assign server roles with a single click. Role management becomes easy with this feature.

Load Balancing

  • vDesk.works Load Balancers identify real-time which server in a pool can best meet a given client request, while ensuring heavy network traffic doesn't unduly over-whelm a single server.

Publish RDC of Physical System

  • Remote Desktop Connection is a Microsoft product that allows you to connect to remote computers. RDC can minimize the need to have separate devices.


Take a look at the solutions we offer to each industry

  • Education

    vDesk.works web client application makes it entirely more accessible for students & educators to access the only programs they need...


    The frequently mobile nature of today's workforce has created the demand for desktop virtualization in healthcare...

    Accounting & Financial Services

    No matter if you are using QuickBooks, Sage, Tally, SigerTax or any other accounting software...

  • Legal Services

    As a lawyer, you may find a vDesk.works necessary to move out of your office and still stay at work or courthouse...


    The construction industry demands the need to have direct oversight over all projects at all times...

    Business Process Outsourcing

    A competent business process outsourcing company will enhance its services with secure human resources and thrivin...

  • Human Resources

    For HR, the recruitment process primarily revolves around the process of candidate resumes, documen...


    Traditional marketing has always been outbound: advertising, trade shows, cold calls, trave...

    Business Development

    vDesk.works provides businesses with many advantages and offers considerable savings together with high securi...

vDesk.works supports on-premise, hybrid, and cloud deployments, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)...

vDesk.works clients provide a high-performance, intuitive, and productive user experience on any device, includig...

vDesk.works reduces the risk of data loss and malicious activity by providing safe and scalable access...

vDesk.works DaaS powered by VDI and Shared Session host server enables the end-user to access the desktop from anywhere...

vDesk.works PCI Compliance gives hardware-level built-in encryption which ensures your sensitive data is protect...

vDesk.works is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in its business practices and...

vDesk.works' Cybersecurity makes companies safer from cyberattack and the expensive, embarrassing aftermath of a data...

Hosted servers of vDesk.works are protected from layer 3 and 4 attacks. It has an adequate protection against the...

Benefits of vDesk.works for your Business

What Our Clients Say

  • I am usually on the road, meeting new clients, demonstrating to them our product and working with my pre-sales team over remote locations. vDesk.works gave our team a perfect platform to access their personal desktop on Chromebook, tablet and phone.

    Kelvin Justice

    GLF Technologies


  • We were introduced to vDesk.works which has helped our clients manage their day to day operations and leverage the performance we have both on the frontend and backend.

    Chris Salyers



  • Our contractors working on remote sites were not able to access the centralized data and work within our solution. vDesk.works solution has enabled us to take our LAN bound accounting solution to the cloud. Our contractors have access to our centralized account books in a secure environment wherever we go.

    Sal Kler

    Austwide Invest


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