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The Problem

The business was finding it hard to keep up with the changing workforce demand. One of the change is mobility solution and that resulted in creating its own set of challenges, such as data sharing, security, loss or theft of data or device. Constantly travelling workforce turns the workflow into a bottleneck for all the other events, which affects the overall business effectiveness.

  • Managing data security is tough
  • Lack of workplace accessibility
  • Constant device and data updates
  • Costly process for manageability
  • Fixed workplace becomes a bottleneck for business growth
  • Limited to a single workstation

The Solution DaaS offering the cutting edge technology was able to provide the right mobility solution for the business and its travelling workforce to remain mobile and still be productive. The workspace can still be easily accessible, even while you remain away from your office, when travelling or attending conferences, or meetings. DaaS solution is compatible with all mobility devices, including Chrome book, laptops, tablets, iPads, Portable Pen drives, and Smartphones running on Android or iOS.

  • Cutting edge mobility solution
  • Centralized Desktop environment
  • Compatible with cross-platform devices
  • Data hosted insecure environment
  • Tailored to your business needs
  • Zero downtime assurance

Benefits of using


Safe, secure and resilient

Published desktops that are accessible from any mobile device

Lower IT Operating Costs

Reduced Capital Expenditure

Migrating all your infrastructure on the cloud reduces capital expenditure of hardware and software licenses

Customized User Experience

Desktop follows you everywhere

The workspace is always available, wherever you go, regardless of your region or location

Cross-device compatible can be used on any device such as laptop, mobile phones, desktop, mac; providing you the accessibility

Desktop always ready for you

Login into the client and access your desktop anytime and anywhere

High Availability

Data backed up multiple times a day package provides you twice a day snapshot backup

Email Malware protection built-in

Email Malware protection built-in provides email malware protection while using the desktops

Maintain Compliance

Endpoint malware protection powers your organization with endpoint protection from malware

High-tier to low-tier desktops

Restore Desktop in minutes

In case your device is lost, use client on other mobile device and access your desktop

Cloud-based Desktops

Manage employees worldwide

Manage your employees from a single console and control work environment DaaS ensures the security and resiliency of your business-critical data and information; becomes a plus point for your organization to promote the productivity of your individuals. With, your desktop always follows you, as if it’s your shadow. Where ever you go, whichever device you use, your desktop can be easily accessed on that device.

By enabling DaaS solution, your work productivity evolves effectively, providing support for your team, as ensures zero downtime for your company. Moreover, it can help you eliminate the need to buy expensive high-end hardware and software licenses helping your organization to save capital expenditure. Our packages are tailored to your needs and can readily provide you with state of the art virtual desktop solutions. DaaS environment can be customized to suit your business needs. Nowadays, every industry demands a mobility solution to enhance its functionality and productivity. DaaS solution not only provides movability to the end-users but also ensures data confidentiality and integrity. The centralized data that gets transmitted and stored is protected from all types of breaches, such as DDoS and cyber-attacks, providing your organization with a worry-free solution.

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