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The construction industry demands the need to have direct oversight over all projects at all times. That's why is the best fit virtual desktop service provider for architecture to work anywhere, any time and using any device, managing just about everything except the weather.

Work from Anywhere

Work from anywhere, on any device on the cloud with an internet connection. Access your desktop applications and files from the field with a virtual desktop for AutoCAD VDI solution for architecture from

Access to Multiple Construction Sites

Multiple construction sites working on a different project can all have centralized accessibility of documents about budget, architecture, equipment manuals, etc.

Share Files

With' VDI for architecture centralized cloud, share files, documents, forms, and signatures, all on one server with clients, employees, multiple offices, and subcontractors.

Update Scope of Services

With virtual desktop service provider architecture solution, you can update clients on their projects and scope of services anywhere at any time.

Construction Case Study

The Challenge

The company employs a team of 50+ highly-experienced design engineers, and any unscheduled downtime not only affects productivity but can also prove very expensive. Each engineer was using an individual workstation with an extremely high specification to allow for AutoCAD VDI software to run efficiently. As the current design data is stored locally, any failure would cause an immediate disruption to projects. The engineers were largely tied to the same desks. There was no provision for remote or mobile working, which would have enabled productivity.

  • Existing workstation infrastructure vulnerable to individual failure
  • Staff could only work at fixed desks, affecting productivity
  • Need to improve resilience and security
The Solution cloud-based virtual desktop service provider enables desktops to be deployed to those users who need it to be at their most productive. VDI for architecture solution leverages GPU based centralized server farm technology to ensure data access from any device in any architecture application environment. All the project and design files are stored centrally in a secure environment and access to the designer from any location on any device while maintaining data integrity. cloud-based virtual desktop service provider solution and IT infrastructure management helps construction companies to overcome many of the challenges the architecture industry is facing.

  • Design and proof-of-concept
  • Installation and deployment
  • Centralized data security
The Benefits
  • Ease of access to distributed work files
  • Increase in productivity of the employee
  • Working on mobile devices is now possible
  • Centralized manageability for virtual desktops
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