vDesk.works Client Features Explained

IT and service providers now offer secure application and desktop delivery options for the ever-growing remote workforce, enabling users to access work programs and data from anywhere in the world. vDesk.works is a global market leader in the sector, offering efficient VDI and DaaS solutions with customizable pricing packages for various use cases. Its cross-platform compatibility allows users to access Windows desktop environments and published apps across a secure LAN or WAN from various devices like laptops, Chromebooks, Android phones, Macbooks, or iPhones, eliminating the difficulties associated with desktop virtualization with its user-friendly Remote Access Management features.

Access via the Internet

Web Access makes it possible for users to access published programs using any HTML5-capable web browser. Access to the allocated programs is possible regardless of whether the operating system is active on the device. As long as the device has a contemporary web browser, it is possible to access and manage virtual computers from any location, at any time, and collaborate with coworkers in real-time on apps, data, and files.

Printer Redirection

Redirecting a local printer to a vDesk.works client computer is made simple with its Printer Redirection capability. One printer can be shared among multiple users by installing the vDesk.works Desktop Client on each computer, which connects the local printers to the central server session for printing. Users can choose to "print" a document and then have it printed and delivered to them using on-site printers.

User Experience

Seamless Windows allow desktop shortcuts, the Windows start menu, or the Application LaunchPad to access the application, and the vDesk.works Desktop Client is used to connect and disconnect the application. Local server and network printing are also feasible with the client default printer support.

Server Load Balancing

Server load balancing is critical for companies with business divisions spread across different geographic locations to distribute the workload over several servers. Thus, even during a network outage, specific apps or information can be guaranteed to be accessible.

Opened applications use the vDesk.works Desktop Client to communicate with the vDesk.works Load Balancer. The Load Balancer can evaluate and select the best server for the request based on the current state by regularly ranking application server load metrics.

Ensuring Compliance with the Law

Any firm's efficient operation depends on having comprehensive information technology policies applied across the board. Organizations must ensure that their data and programs cannot be accessed or leaked by other parties while using Virtual Desktops hosted in the cloud.

Users can create groups of client devices identified by IP address, NetBIOS name, operating system, and organizational unit using the Client Policy engine in vDesk.works. In order to define connection settings based on available bandwidth, printer mappings, or security settings, it is required to grant appropriate application access permissions to client groups when saving files and passwords locally. Adopt security policies that do not just look at who the user is; they should also look at where the access device is physically located to determine whether or not it is valid.

Depending on an organization's needs, clients can decide which programs can run on the devices, who has access to them, and at what level. Policies that regulate data security and encryption can also be implemented.

Computer Hardware and Software Repurposing

In 2020, Microsoft stopped providing security updates and bug fixes for Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, and Server 2008 R2. Businesses have now started looking at options to replace the old workload with something more modern like vDesk.works.

Due to Windows Server 2003 being a 32-bit operating system in an era where practically everything is 64-bit, there are compatibility issues. Therefore, many businesses are moving away from 32-bit software and switching to 64-bit applications instead. Due to vDesk.works' backward compatibility support, businesses can still make use of 32-bit software by repurposing old hardware to extend the life of the operating system and hardware.

Conclusion :

For enterprises throughout the world, vDesk.works offers a complete virtual application and desktop solution. It allows employees to access and use centralized company applications and data from remote desktops, making it an economical form of application delivery. Employees can work from anywhere while the firm also saves money on IT.

Applications can be deployed and managed with ease using vDesk.works, and businesses can integrate and secure their desktop IT infrastructure by utilizing Virtual Workspace and Remote Access solutions unique to them. Virtualization's difficulties are eliminated with vDesk. works' Remote Access Management and Application Delivery solutions.

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