Long Term Benefits of Adopting DaaS Subscription Model

The Desktop as a Service (DaaS) model offers your business greater flexibility along with lower costs. It can free up the IT team to focus on tasks beyond the day-to-day management of devices and focus on productivity only.

The concept is simple:Customers pay a set amount each week, month, or year, and receive an agreed-upon service in return.

DaaS is a one-stop solution that provides greater flexibility, effortlessness administration, and cost savings to organizations. In recent years, the DaaS market has continued to "mature and evolve."

If your enterprise is searching for ways to address the need of IT admins to maintain fleets of complex, component-heavy PCs, then there is a way to offload and centralize their maintenance and expense, and the answer is DaaS.

DaaS architecture provides you multi-tenancy and facilitates the organizations to purchase the service through a subscription model. This model is usually based on the number of virtual desktops required per month or the number of users who want to access the cloud-hosted desktops. Membership models fit well with consumables since those things should be revived consistently.

Monthly DaaS SubscriptionIf you want to maximize utilization out of your DaaS subscription, then a monthly subscription is the best way to opt-in. The concept is relatively straightforward: you enrolled on month to month basis, you pay a fixed monthly fee, in exchange, your DaaS provider will be providing:

  • Unlimited access and usage of your Cloud-hosted Desktop.
  • Deep insights and control of your DaaS expenses.
  • Users graph can be dynamic; all depends on requirement.
  • All the merits of a powerful DaaS solution.

The price you pay for all this is one and only fixed monthly fee. Monthly Service subscriptions allow you to be flexible and provides the ability to scale and grow your business.

Hourly DaaS subscription or Pay as you goIf you use your Desktop-as-a-Service less frequently, in that case, our hourly DaaS subscription might be a better choice for your business. It is just like paying for your car’s fuel; you only have to pay for the amount you use. The less you travel, the less you pay.

Hourly or pay as you go subscription users are charged for every hour or the duration their DaaS Desktop is active and being utilized. This pay-per-performance model offers some intriguing focal points.

A usage-based model allows you to respond quickly to your dynamic requirements. You will always have a transparent overview of your monthly usage and costs.

Pay as you go provides you with a smaller barrier to entry without no commitment and better cost-per-use. You don't need to commit to a prescribed plan and get charged every month. No need to lock into and make a commitment upfront, and you can budget accordingly. Control is in your hands.

Because you are paying for what you use, it allows for better tracking of expenses. Instead of going all-in with a product suite, the actual revenue generators can stand out. It provides more granular metrics.

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