Disaster Recovery Solution: Why it Matters for Business Organizations?

Disaster recovery is easier said than done. There are just so many things you need to know about and take care of at the same time, such as data backups, downtime management, recovery plan, and so on.

What is a Disaster Recovery Solution?

In simpler terms, a Disaster Recovery solution is a part of the security planning for any kind of business organization that protects it from the adverse effects of all the negative impacts and events. To have a disaster recovery solution is about having a step by step and planned approach towards maintaining and resuming all of your usual functioning of your IT system post any kind of disruption or disaster.

Disruption here could actually mean anything. It simply puts your organization at the risk of downtime and even total shutdown. Disruption could include any kind disaster, such as cyberattack, hardware outage, hardware failure, and so on.

Goal of a Disaster Recovery Solution

The core goal of a perfect Disaster Recovery plan is to empower a business organization to seamlessly continue its natural operations, as much as normal possible.

Disaster recovery is not just a one-time job but a complete process that includes a lot of different steps, such as planning, testing, and physical backups to restore natural business operations.

Disaster Recovery in Numbers

Here are a few stats you must know about Disaster Recovery for business organizations:

  • 75% of all business organizations don’t have any kind of disaster recovery plan for their workforce.
  • Out of all, 96% of all business organizations around the world with a disaster recovery plan recover fully and don’t lose any bit of data from the database.
  • Human error is the most common form of disaster or errors. It causes data breaches and threat to private business data.
  • By the end of 2021, cybercrimes around the world will cost business organizations a whopping $6 trillion per year.
  • On an estimate, the total amount lost per minute due to unplanned downtime crosses over $17,244 a minute. The minimum amount estimated here is somewhere near $926 a minute.

Disaster Recovery Solution: Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is basically the process of calculating the total loss caused due to a disaster. It allows you to identify the hazards caused by the disaster on various different areas of a business venture. It actually varies by the industry and geographical location. The core of disaster recovery solution is that it helps you in making intuitive disaster recovery plans for your IT infrastructure.

Disaster recovery is all about making sure that you don’t face any kind of loss when a disaster occurs. Make sure you choose the best service provider for your business.

vDesk.works offers a Disaster Recovery Solution that supports Microsoft Azure recovery plan. It provides you a step by step disaster recovery approach that saves you a lot of time and money. Check out the plans now to know more.

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