DaaS for Business : A Complete Guide for Post-Pandemic Working

With its flexible user experience, DaaS (Desktop as a Service) is powerfully beneficial for any business working in a team or on a computer. While coronavirus has created an uncertain working environment for many, one thing is for sure: DaaS is a convenient solution that has supported the global shift to largely remote working. Here's how:

  • The DaaS approach has rapidly helped to scale remote working for businesses, without the loss of cost and performance. This is because it supports multiple devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, as well as certain smartphones.
  • Whether working at home or on public transport, DaaS allows your employees to easily connect to their work environments and securely gain access to important applications, files, desktop preferences, and more. In turn, this provides employees with a productive, remote working environment in unity with a physical workplace.
  • In the past, setting up a VDI environment would often take weeks to months. With DaaS, this has been significantly reduced down to a matter of days or even hours. IT administrators are easily able to connect a user's device to a preconfigured virtual desktop. No need to erase and reconfigure the computer when an employee leaves the company - a new virtual desktop can be easily provisioned.
  • Everyone can easily access several distinct virtual desktops without maintaining multiple operating systems on one computer or switching between computers. This can help speed up testing and improve quality assurance while purchasing fewer devices and keeping costs low.
  • DaaS presents a huge security advantage that never compromises your data. It allows your data to stay in a secure environment where it is hosted, no matter where you and your employees are.
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Authors Emma Carson
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