Windows 10 Benefits in VDI

A range of advancements in VDI is making virtual computing a reality for many organizations. That needs a way to provide a good user experience, reduce costs, and simplify their end-user computing strategy.

An upgrade to Windows 10 is inevitable. But if you implement a virtualized client environment at the same time, you could turn a simple update into a digital transformation. The Windows 10 with DaaS for end-user computing, that scale your infrastructure and get built-in security and compliance features.

A range of advancements in VDI is making virtual computing a reality for many organizations that need a way to provide a good user experience. VDI reduces costs and simplifies itsend-user computing strategy.

Why should you leap?

First of all, organization leaders will get improved security in a virtual desktop environment, and organizations' data is no longer hosted on individual machines. Indeed, it is stoed in a highly secure cloud infrastructure.

This means that your sensitive data and applications are far less susceptible to outside threats. The next reason is that its decision-makers get improved efficiency.

Modern virtual desktops use up with some 90 percent less power than traditional PCs. In fact, throughout using the VDI environment, your organization will spend approximately 46 % less on hardware and software. With DaaS, organizations can reduce their incidents by 50 % and will also enable them to solve issues faster.

With this vision, you will see that improvements in productivity are undeniable.

Why should you move forward with Windows 10?

VDIs tightly coupled with Windows 10 can work very effectively together to provide a wide range of benefits:

Deliver the Windows 10 virtual desktop experience

Provide your users with the Windows 10 desktop virtualized in the cloud that's highly intuitive, scalable, always up-to-date, and accessible on any device and can be accessed from anywhere.

Enable optimizations for Microsoft Office Suite

Deliver the best Microsoft Office suite Pro Plus experience with virtual desktop scenarios to provide the most productive virtualized experience for your users and increase their productivity.

Better user experience

With Windows 10, get the iconic windows start menu, and you will be welcomed with a tiles menu with live updates.

Simplified Updates and Deployment

Get the latest software update and security patches directly from Microsoft. No need to worry about painful security patch management.


One thing that you will surely get is speed. Windows 10 is insanely faster than its predecessor.

Deploy and scalable within minutes

On Windows 10, you can virtualize and deploy modern and legacy desktop apps to the cloud and published it to end-users quickly.

On-Demand Cloud Syncing

You will be leveraging flexibility and power of cloud-based data storage. Keep your files backed up on cloud without taking up space on your local storage and worrying about the storage with the Files On-Demand option.

Moving away from 24/7 infrastructure supporting

For managing the Windows 10 VDIs, you do not need an in house team of IT ninjas to manage your workstations as nothing is available physically.

With DaaS, optimize your cloud experience while lowering costs for your Windows desktops and applications. Move to the cloud with confidence and get all the resources and tools you need to migrate your data, applications, and infrastructure at your own pace.

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