Why You Should Shift to Hosted Virtual Desktops in 2021

If you have not already started doing so, then you should start considering moving to Hosted Virtual Desktop Solutions (HVD) in 2021. This is because the need for HVDs will be crucial as more people begin relying on remote desktop solutions and virtual desktops over traditional PCs.

What is a Hosted Virtual Desktop?

A hosted virtual desktop is a set of computing resources that are centrally provided to users over the internet. The user accesses these resources from their device which in turn displays the computer's screen and allows them to use its applications as if they were using an actual physical PC.

Modern hosted virtual desktop solutions are based on cloud. This means that the user needs only to sign-in and access their work resources from anywhere they have an internet connection.

This flexibility in location, as well as the increased level of security on virtual desktops, is a big driving force behind the shift towards this form of technology over traditional PCs.

4 Reasons Why You Should Shift to Hosted Virtual Desktops in 2021:

Desktop follows you everywhere:The user can access their work resources from anywhere they have an internet connection, which means that workers on the go can continue to be productive. The best part is that the user can use their favourite apps and programs without sacrificing ease of access.

Increased security:Unlike traditional PCs, virtual desktops are not prone to viruses or malware installation. This is because all users have a unique desktop instance that they control themselves with the OS running on a remote server instead of locally installed software. So if you're worried about your data being hacked, then this is for you.

Low cost:If your company has a large number of employees or hires contract workers on an as needed basis then virtual desktops could be the best solution for you. The low rates that are charged make it very affordable and in some cases free to use virtual desktop solutions.

Less waste:We all know that physical desktops can take up a lot of space in an office and with virtual desktops you don't have to worry about this. They are stored on remote servers so they only use as much storage as needed.

Here ends the quick-start guide on Why You Should Shift to Hosted Virtual Desktops in 2021. There has never been a better time to make the switch. There are many benefits that you will enjoy from this decision and in just a few years, your company could be more profitable than ever before thanks to these new technologies. You just need the right solution to start with.

vDesk.works offers world-class and affordable virtual desktops so you can make the shift now and enjoy all of its benefits. This cloud-powered virtual desktop solution is the perfect solution to make your business more efficient and productive. Get your demo now!

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