What is a Digital Workspace?

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the workforce in many ways. Even as pandemic restrictions begin to ease, more companies are opting to have employees work from home permanently while other organizations have their offices in co-working spaces. To adapt to these changing times, many workers have started to use digital workspaces, which can include virtual desktops and other types of portable technology. Digital workspaces are comprehensive solutions that allow hybrid and remote workers to use everything from legacy applications to cloud-based software no matter their location. Digital workspaces can include virtual desktop solutions such as vDesk.works The top benefits of using digital workspaces include increased flexibility, improved collaboration, and reduced costs for the company.

Benefits of Digital Workspaces

One of the most significant benefits of using digital workspaces is the increased amount of flexibility that it provides. By using virtual desktop solutions like vDesk.works, workers can work from any location that they want and use any device. Even while not in the office, workers will have access to the same apps and software on their devices as they would while working in the office. Some workers prefer using digital workspaces since it provides them with a greater level of work-life balance. Other workers may opt to work some days remotely and come into the office on other days. The flexibility that digital workspaces provide also opens up more recruitment options for companies because candidates don’t necessarily have to be in the same city, state, or country as the company. Having the option of flexibility then leads to more satisfied workers that will stay with the company for a longer amount of time. The flexibility that digital workspaces provide can also lead to higher productivity since workers can continue to work even while traveling.

Another key benefit of utilizing digital workspaces is an improved amount of collaboration. Digital workspaces can improve collaboration by removing barriers, such as setting aside time for team members working on a project. Instead, the team members can work together on the project even when they are not in the exact location. Team members can also share documents and files with each other. Furthermore, collaboration can occur when session shadowing is done using vDesk.works.

Another benefit of using digital workspaces is that they can reduce costs for the company. Digital workspaces can reduce costs since companies would not have to spend as much money on devices, so workers can instead use their own smartphones, tablets, or computers. Furthermore, digital workspaces can further reduce costs for companies that have gone fully remote or are working out of co-working spaces.

Potential Downsides of Using Digital Workspaces

However, some managers may hesitate to switch their companies to digital workspace models. One reason managers may not want to use digital workspaces is security concerns. These managers may worry that company data is more likely to be leaked if workers are working from public areas such as coffee shops and airport lounges. However, virtual PCs such as vDesk.works have security measures to ensure that data is safe at all times. These security measures include backing up data to the company cloud twice per day and having layers of protection to prevent the system from being infected by viruses and malware. In the case of a device that gets stolen or lost, the vDesk.works support team has the authority to wipe company data from the device. The overall benefits of using digital workspaces outweigh the minor concerns that can easily be resolved.


The workforce has had to adapt to the pandemic in many ways. One of these solutions that will likely remain after the pandemic is workers using digital workspaces such as virtual desktop solutions. The benefits of digital workspaces include increased flexibility, improved collaboration, and reduced costs for the company. For more information on vDesk.works, visit www.vdeskworks.com to speak with a product representative.

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