Use Cases for Cloud Desktops

Over the past few years, more companies have adopted the use of cloud desktops. A cloud desktop is a service in which an end user's files and applications are accessed from a cloud-based server instead of their device. Cloud desktop solutions have many benefits, such as increasing flexibility, increasing productivity, increasing security, and reducing costs. Many different organizations and industries can use cloud desktop solutions. Many companies will implement cloud desktop solutions in remote working and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments. Cloud desktop solutions allow companies to spend less time on IT. Some of the use cases for call centers, the healthcare industry, marketing, the legal industry, and education are all examples of industries.

Call Centers

One use case for cloud desktop solutions is being used in call centers. Call center employees have to manage and access the data of many different customers. When call center employees use cloud PCs like, they can ensure that customer data is protected by automated encryption and built-in firewalls. Call center workers can also use the interactive dashboard to view customer information and help them with their needs. Another way that call centers can use cloud desktop solutions is through helpdesk services such as remote assistance, session shadowing, and ticketing.

Healthcare Industry

Another use case for the use of virtual desktop solutions is the healthcare industry. By using cloud PCs, doctors and other healthcare professionals can share vital information and files with each other and patients. The information can be accessed on phones and tablets so that users can view it from any device and location. Services such as are HIPAA-compliant, so users won't have to worry about sensitive information being leaked. Cloud desktop solutions can also be utilized in telemedicine practices and allow for easy communication between doctors and patients.

Marketing Industry

Marketing professionals can also make use of cloud desktop solutions. For example, marketing teams can share presentations with clients in different timezones using Marketing companies can take advantage of the marketplace to enhance their work with co-workers and clients. Clients and marketing teams can communicate with each other through project management software. Feedback can be provided through the message board. Marketers can use the cloud storage service to store and upload files. The cloud storage system also creates secure backups when users are transferring files. Another way that marketing professionals can use cloud desktop solutions is through a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Through a CRM system, marketers can record information on their leads and current customers. Users can also send bulk emails through a CRM system. Also, marketing companies can connect their cloud PCs to any legacy applications previously used.

Legal Industry

Cloud PCs like can also be used in the legal industry. Lawyers can store sensitive files, forms, and documents on the data server and access them from multiple devices. Due to the flexibility of, users can access this information from the courthouse or while on the go. Signatures can also be shared on the central server.

Education Industry

Finally, the education industry can benefit from using cloud desktop solutions. Teachers can scale their requirements according to classroom needs. Access can be increased or decreased depending on the size of the class. Students can turn in assignments from any device and location as long as they have access to the centralized server. Adopting cloud desktop solutions is especially important for schools and universities, as students are among the first to adopt new technological trends.

The use of cloud desktop solutions has rapidly increased over the past few years. Organizations of all sizes and industries have started to use cloud desktops since they can increase flexibility, security, and productivity while reducing overhead costs in IT. Industries that can use cloud desktop solutions include call centers, healthcare, marketing, legal, and education. For more information, you can visit

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