The Best Virtual Remote Desktops for Legal Services

The legal industry faces many challenges. During a case, lawyers and paralegals need to keep track of sensitive information. Clients trust the law firm to keep this information safe. In the past, this information was organized through paperwork. In the modern era, however, this data is stored on computers. The data needs to be kept safe from hackers and cyberattacks. Therefore, many law firms have started using remote desktop services like virtual desktops. Virtual desktops are a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. The data will always be secure since it is stored on a remote cloud server instead of the device itself. Any files and applications that the law firm uses regularly will also be on the virtual desktop provider. There are many virtual desktop providers on the market. Some examples of virtual remote desktops that law firms can use include, Dizzion, dinCloud, Workspot, and Ace Cloud Hosting.

Overview of Virtual Remote Desktop Services

1. is one of the most efficient virtual desktop systems that law firms can use. There are many benefits of using, such as increased flexibility, security, and scalability. can be used on any device or operating system. Users can view case information on their desktop computer in the office and then switch to their tablet while at home. Users can quickly and easily transfer files between registered devices. is also device-agnostic and cross-device compatible. For example, a user can work on a Windows desktop while using an Apple device. also includes security measures like firewalls, single sign-on portals, and multi-factor authentication. can also work alongside the Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery plan to restore data in the case of an incident such as a power outage. Data also backups up once a day. Another benefit of is that it is highly scalable. This means that managers and administrators can add or remove users or devices as needed. Scalability is helpful law firms that are rapidly increasing in size. Managers can also add or remove software licenses via a centralized dashboard. is also compliant with PCI and HIPAA regulations. Due to its functionality, law firms should highly consider using’ remote desktop services

2. Dizzion

Dizzion is a virtual desktop provider that law firms can use. One of the benefits of using Dizzion’s virtual remote desktops is that they are device-agnostic. When using the Dizzion infrastructure, users can easily transfer files and data between registered virtual desktop systems. The transfer of this data is secure at all times. Dizzion is also compliant with HIPAA and PCI regulations. However, a disadvantage of using Dizzion is that users have reported that sessions will stall and the entire system will have to be reset.

3. dinCloud

Law firms can use dinCloud to use and access virtual remote desktops. Users can access dinCloud on any device. One of the main benefits of using dinCloud’s hosted virtual desktops is that managers and admins can easily scale the system up or down. The dinCloud system also includes frequent backups to ensure client and case data is safe and secure at all times. However, some law firms may hesitate to use dinCloud as their virtual desktop provider since it lacks the mobility options of other virtual desktop providers like

4. Workspot

Workspot is a virtual desktop provider that law firms can use. Workspot can be accessed on any device. Data can be transferred between user devices. Another key feature of Workspot is that it can be used alongside Microsoft Azure services. However, some law firms may hesitate to use Workspot as their virtual PC provider because the system can be difficult to navigate at times.

5. Ace Cloud Hosting

Law firms can use Ace Cloud Hosting to use and access remote desktops on any device. A key feature of Ace Cloud Hosting is that it has security measures like firewalls, single sign-on features, and frequent data backups. Another benefit of using Ace Cloud Hosting is that it is highly scalable. However, a downside of using Ace Cloud Hosting is that it is not as fast as other virtual desktop providers.

Law firms need efficient ways to store and keep track of case and client information. One of the best ways to do this is to use virtual remote desktops. Virtual remote desktops can be accessed from any device, at any location, and at any time. When law firms are looking to invest in a virtual desktop provider, they should look for one that has high security and scalability measures. is one of the fastest and most efficient virtual remote desktop providers in the industry. has provided virtual desktop solutions to companies of all sizes and industries since 2014. For more information on’ remote desktop services, visit

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