Paramedics and Cloud Computing: Things to Know

The term "cloud computing" describes cloud storage, storing data on the internet rather than on your own physical devices. Storing data online provides more services and information at lower costs, but it also means that you lose some control over the security of your data.

1. Why is Cloud Computing Good for Paramedics?

Paramedics are expected to handle patient care, not technology. The modern paramedical clinic involves many more technological tools than it used to. Imaging and electronically stored health records can be accessed from mobile devices. Cloud storage of these data allows multiple applications to access and use the duplicate files, allowing for easy backup.

2. Why is Cloud Computing Bad for Paramedics?

Cloud storage security relies heavily on encryption and other safety measures. However, your data still resides on servers that may be thousands of miles away from you, which means they are beyond your physical control. If someone manages to break the security of the data storage system, all your information could be exposed. The surgical and diagnostic tools to use can also contain sensitive patient information. Should these become connected to a cloud-based network, they would also place patient care data at risk.

3. How Can Paramedics Accommodate Cloud Computing?

As far as cloud storage goes, make sure that you are comfortable with the way your data is managed. As much as possible, try to choose a platform that you can access directly instead of using applications that pass through the cloud. Choosing your platform will give you more control over who has access to your data and how it can be stored.

The digital world is forever changing, and paramedics need to adapt to it. Cloud Computing is no longer an option for some companies, requiring them to provide more on-site services. is a cloud computing service for medical professionals, and it has been developed to create an experience that is fit for purpose. The idea of team members sharing patient data may be daunting. Still, vDesk's secure and HIPAA compliant system ensures that you and your patients can feel confident about using the platform.

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