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Working from home is the new normal, as technology makes it easier for workers to go off-site. A study by GFI Software found that 50% of employees work remotely at least once a week, and many do so every day. In fact, 43% of employees surveyed said they would rather have a job with some remote opportunities than one where they had to work in an office.

The preference for flexible working is even more pronounced among younger generations. Flexible jobs make up over 75% of careers on popular recruitment site Indeed, while in the UK three quarters (75%) of all millennials would prefer to be freelance or self-employed. This trend is driving the rise of new innovative business models based around remote working such as

Cost-Effective and Secure offers freelancers and small businesses the opportunity to take on short-term or part-time projects without being locked into long contracts, meaning that you only pay for the hours that you work.

Since every worker is freelancing independently of, we can also run background checks on your workers as well, providing an extra layer of security for clients who need it.

Flexibility and Efficiency gives your business access to a pool of top talent from around the world who are available when and where they're needed most – something that's incredibly valuable in competitive markets where customers will go to the company with the best service. This way you can ensure smoother operations with more productivity across your teams while keeping costs low.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a core feature of, which makes sure that your business keeps running and providing services even if there's an emergency at the office. Our virtual IT infrastructure can be easily scaled up or down as needed, which means you can continue doing all the things your customers expect from you in case of any sort of disruption. is an all-in-one business solution for SMEs that provides a wide range of tools to deploy in any office and work remotely, wherever you are. By using, businesses can access the same level of IT services as larger ones while paying less due to our competitive pricing policy which makes sure your business pays only for what it needs.

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