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There are many different virtual desktops and cloud desktop windows that companies can choose from. Two of the most prominent cloud PC providers are and Windows 365. In this article, we will compare the features and functionalities of vDeskworks cloud PC service and Windows 365’s cloud PC service.

Key Features of vs. Cloud Desktop Windows

Both and Windows are able to run a single VDI session. Also, both virtual PC providers are able to use the full Office 365 suite. However, there are several significant features that has that Windows’ virtual desktops does not.

For instance, can have up to 32 units of CPU (vCores), while the Windows 365 Cloud PC can only have up to 8 vCores. A vCore allows the user to choose the physical characteristics of the system, such as storage size and memory.

Other features of include multi-factor authentication, automatic backups, and dedicated firewalls, while Windows 365 Cloud PC does not include these features, or these features have to be paid for in a premium package. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method that grants a user access to a system or application after they have provided two or more pieces of information that verify their identity. These pieces of information can include login credentials, a phone number, or an email address. Multi-factor authentication ensures that the correct user is logging in to the system. Firewalls ensure that no viruses or malware enter the system.

Another benefit of choosing over Windows 365 is that vDesk has unmetered bandwidth while Windows 365 Cloud PC’s bandwidth is metered. An unmetered bandwidth means that the amount of data transfer isn’t monitored. Having an unmetered bandwidth is useful for companies since they can easily transfer data between offices in different cities and countries. An unmetered bandwidth is also helpful for remote workers to use so they can transfer large amounts of data no matter where they are working from. On the other hand, a metered bandwidth only allows the user to use a set amount of data per month. Users will be charged if they go above the set amount of data. Based on their business needs, companies should select a virtual desktop service with unmetered bandwidth to save them money.

Another benefit of using is the storage it offers. Users can easily store important files and documents on the server and transfer them between devices registered on the system. also offers BYOL (bring your own license) and BYOD (bring your own device). These options provide companies with added flexibility to meet their budgetary needs.’ storage is included, while Windows users have to purchase it separately.

Another benefit of using’ virtual PC systems is that they can be accessed on various devices and operating systems. Users can access on systems such as Linux, Raspberry PI, Chromebook, Apple, and Windows. On the other hand, the Windows virtual PC system cannot be accessed on Linux or Chromebook. The increased flexibility of make it a better choice for companies.

There are many virtual desktop providers on the market. Two of these virtual PC systems are and Windows 365. If companies are looking for an efficient cloud PC system, then they should consider using Some of the benefits of using include security features, unmetered bandwidth, storage, and being able to be accessed on various devices and operating systems. has provided Cloud Desktop Windows solutions to companies of all sizes and industries since 2014. For more information on, visit to speak with a product representative and view a live demo.

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