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The marketing landscape is always changing, and marketing professionals must constantly keep up with the newest trends. The types of marketing done today are outbound or digital. Outbound marketing includes traditional methods such as cold calling, having billboards on the highway, and traveling to trade shows. Having traditional methods can lead to customers wanting to learn more about the company through the internet. These digital marketing materials can include social media accounts, email newsletters, website ads, and online versions of magazines or catalogs. With virtual desktop solutions like, marketing departments and companies can have their digital material centralized and secure. Marketing departments can also use to improve flexibility, cost-efficiency, security, and customer retention and satisfaction.

Benefits of Using

One of the main reasons marketing departments and companies should be using virtual desktops such as is to improve flexibility. Many digital marketing jobs can be done remotely, so a business's social media manager could live in a different city or country than the headquarters. If the company has in place, the rest of the team can easily view the material that the social media manager has created due to the marketing materials being available in the cloud. The flexibility of also allows marketing team members to go over material if they are traveling to a trade show or promoting out in the field. Furthermore, users can access their virtual desktops from their device, so they won't have to worry if it contains classified marketing material. Admins can install all of the necessary applications for marketing work onto the devices so they can be accessed even if the user currently does not have an internet connection.

Virtual desktop solutions for marketing from are typically cheaper to use than paying for overhead costs on software updates and data storage. Managers can also add or remove applications from the dashboard according to the company's needs. Marketing managers can also use to improve the cost-efficiency of the department or the company.

Marketing departments and companies can also use to improve the security of the business. While can be accessed through any device, users need a company-granted username and password to access the material and applications. Having secure measures on the central system can help prevent the risk that competitors will try to steal the company's marketing material and try to pass it off as their own.

Another reason marketing departments and companies should use is to increase customer retention and satisfaction. While marketing team members are attending trade shows, they can show examples of marketing collateral to potential customers. All of this marketing material is easily accessible on a virtual PC. If customers are impressed by the marketing material's quality, they are more likely to want to purchase the company's product or service. Companies can also create a loyalty program for clients by giving them access to exclusive webinars and e-books through


In conclusion, virtual desktops are very useful for marketing departments and companies to use. Virtual desktop solutions such as can store marketing collateral such as social media material, copies of advertisements, and e-books. Other benefits of utilizing virtual desktops include increased flexibility, cost-efficiency, security, and customer retention and satisfaction. For more information, visit to speak with a product representative.

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