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The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently altered how schooling is conducted. is an essential resource for students and teachers. Even as schools and universities have resumed in-person classes, is still a valuable tool to utilize in the classroom. Virtual desktop solutions are also helpful for students taking online classes while balancing work. Using in educational settings is beneficial because it can help manage students, scale desktops as needed, increase security, and integrate with third-party apps.

Benefits of Using

When students and teachers log in to, they can do so from any device with an internet connection. By using virtual desktops, students are easily able to learn remotely. If schools continue to have a combination of in-person and virtual classes, virtual desktops will be a helpful resource for them to use. Furthermore, virtual desktops are also crucial for students who do not have a reliable internet connection at home. By using, these students can access and complete their assignments using a public computer at a library. If a student loses their laptop, the assignment data won’t be lost and can be viewed again once the student in question replaces the lost computer.

Another reason why is a valuable tool for educational settings to use that it can help scale desktops as needed. Scaling the desktop can also refer to adjusting the virtual desktop settings. The scaling desktops feature can help prevent students from cheating on online exams or editing assignments after the due date. Another way that the scaling feature can be used is that teachers and faculty can adjust the number of devices according to the number of students in the class. Scalability is helpful for classes that have hundreds of students enrolled.

Schools and universities should also use virtual desktops because they can help increase security. Students and teachers can unknowingly open their school up to hackers if they connect to the school’s public Wi-FI with unprotected devices. However, requires a username and password to be granted access. These security measures can help prevent school records from being hacked, especially as schools return to having in-person classes but students and staff continue to bring their devices from home. Other data that needs to be protected includes the names, social security numbers, and financial information of students and staff.

Schools should also start using virtual desktops because they can easily integrate with third-party apps. For example, can connect with Google Classroom. Using these integrations allows teachers to grade assignments virtually and for students to view their grades immediately. is also able to support any legacy apps such as Adobe or AutoCAD to meet the needs of any classroom. Using virtual desktops makes it even easier for teachers to upload video versions of lessons for students to view at their convenience.


As the world continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and universities will continue to integrate online learning. Using virtual desktops such as will be essential to adapt to these changes in schooling, even as in-person classes have resumed. For more information on, visit to speak with a representative.

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