How Companies Can Modernize Their Workforces with Cloud DaaS Solutions

The workplace has changed over the past couple of years. Driving to an office each day is no longer the norm. Instead, more people are opting to work remotely even as pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Many employees are more productive and engaged when working from home. Due to this shift in working culture, organizations have increasingly adopted the use of cloud DaaS (desktop-as-a-service) solutions. In this blog post, we will learn what DaaS services are and how they can be used to modernize the workforce.

What are DaaS Solutions?

A DaaS solution is a cloud computing offering where a service provider delivers virtual desktops to end users via a subscription. These virtual desktops can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making them essential for companies that want to modernize their workforces for the WFA (work from anywhere) era. The information is stored in secure data centers. Examples of cloud DaaS providers include, Microsoft Azure, and Citrix.

How Can DaaS Solutions Modernize the Workplace?

If companies want to progress further into the digital age, they will have to start using cloud DaaS solutions. Four of the benefits companies can gain from adopting cloud DaaS solutions are highlighted below.

1. Work From Anywhere

Cloud DaaS systems can be accessed from any type of device. This level of flexibility and mobility makes it ideal for remote workers. Employees can work on projects and tasks just as easily from the computer in their home office as they can on their phones while traveling. If a device gets lost or stolen, the data can quickly be restored, and the user can resume working from where they left off. Users should look for a cloud DaaS provider that is cross-device compatible and device-agnostic to get the same performance on any device.

2. Effectively Manage Employees

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is ensuring that employees get their required tasks done each day. With an efficient cloud desktop provider like, managers can easily view user and device activity via a centralized dashboard. Through this dashboard, managers can view activity for each device, such as applications used, websites visited, time spent on websites, keystrokes, and mouse clicks.

3. Customize Desktops to Fit Individual and Company Needs

Many cloud DaaS providers offer high levels of scalability and customization. With cloud desktop providers like, managers and administrators can add or remove users and devices from the company server as needed. This is helpful if the company goes through layoffs or has a period where lots of new employees are hired. The scalability can be done instantly. Scalability is helpful when companies need to add users located in a different city, state, or country. Users can also customize their virtual desktops to fit their preferences, including the applications they need for their roles.

4. Prevent Hijacking

When employees work from anywhere, it increases the risk that cybercriminals and viruses will target data due to insecure Wi-Fi networks. However, virtual desktop solutions such as have many security measures to prevent this from happening. These security measures include multi-factor authentication and device fingerprinting. Also, users can only access the company server if they input the correct username and password. Even if the device gets hacked, all the data is stored on the cloud server.

To modernize the workforce, companies must adopt the use of cloud DaaS providers. Cloud DaaS providers allow users to access virtual desktops from any device and location. Other benefits of DaaS services include allowing managers to manage employees effectively, allowing desktops to be customized, and preventing sensitive information from being compromised.

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