How Cloud Desktops Can Be Used to Increase Productivity

Employees face many distractions regardless of whether they work in the office, from home, or from another location. These distractions can include emails and social media. These distractions can cause a decrease in daily productivity. According to a study from Zippia, American employees waste an average of 2.9 hours each day at work. However, companies can increase their productivity by investing in cloud desktop solutions. Cloud desktops, or cloud workspaces, allow users to access their dashboards, data, files, and applications from any device with an internet connection.

There are several ways that companies can use cloud desktops to help improve employees' productivity levels. Keep reading to learn more!

Allows Employees to Work from Anywhere

One of the most defining features of cloud desktop solutions is their flexibility. A cloud PC lets users work on projects and tasks from any device and location. This flexibility makes it easier for employees that have to frequently travel or meet with clients to stay on top of tasks. Workers can complete tasks without having to rely on a single physical desktop or have to email files to themselves. Instead, they can easily work on their phone or tablet when away from the office. Having this level of flexibility is also helpful for remote workers and freelancers.

Allows for Companies to Have BYOD Policies

Since cloud desktops can be accessed on any device, companies can implement BYOD (bring-your-own-device) policies. BYOD policies can help improve productivity since new employees will be working on a system they are already familiar with instead of having to learn how to navigate a new device.

Increase Collaboration

The flexibility that cloud desktops provide also leads to increased collaboration. With cloud desktops, team members can easily collaborate on projects and tasks even when they are in different locations. Users can seamlessly send each other important files and documents over a secure connection. Doing this can help improve workflows for fully remote companies or companies with offices across different cities, states, or countries.

Monitor Device Activity Through Dashboards

Employees can frequently get distracted by surfing the internet during working hours. To prevent this from happening, managers can use cloud desktops to monitor activity on the company server. Managers can view activity metrics like websites visited, applications used, mouse clicks, and keystrokes via a centralized dashboard. These metrics can help managers tell if their staff is doing what they are supposed to. Also, managers can look for a cloud PC provider with time-tracking capabilities. A time tracker is used to measure how long it takes for a user to complete a task.

Prevent Downtime

Since cloud desktops are not tied to a physical server, it is less likely that they will experience hardware issues and malfunctions. If downtime occurs, users can reload the desktop from the most recent backup and get back to work. Cloud desktops offer more security than traditional desktop environments, so systems are less likely to experience downtime due to security breaches.

Access to Software

Many cloud PC providers are compatible with software platforms such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and QuickBooks. Managers can distribute access to the employees that use these applications as needed. Integrating with these existing systems allows users to access these platforms even when working on their phones or tablets.

Selecting a Cloud Desktop Service

There are many cloud PC providers currently on the market. When searching for a cloud desktop solution, company managers should look for one that provides all the above benefits. By reading websites and online reviews, managers can determine which features a cloud desktop provider offers. Additionally, managers should take advantage of online demos and free trials to see how the product works before they commit to implementing it into their organization.

Employees will inevitably get distracted during the workday. However, one way that companies can increase productivity is to use cloud desktop solutions. Cloud desktops increase productivity by allowing users to work on any device. Cloud desktop solutions can also increase collaboration efforts, monitor activity via dashboards, prevent downtime, and provide access to third-party software systems.

Managers that want the most efficient cloud desktop services for their organization should try' cloud PCs include all of the features needed to enhance productivity for any company. Companies of all sizes and industries can benefit from using To learn more about, visit their website to speak with a product representative, and schedule an online demo.

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