Hosted Virtual Desktops Explained

Over the past few years, virtual desktops have rapidly grown in popularity. Virtual desktops are computer programs that can be accessed via any device. In a hosted virtual desktop, the information is stored on a cloud provider’s service rather than the user’s device or the corporate network. The hosted virtual desktop is implemented by leveraging utilization software from a third-party vendor such as This blog post will go over how companies can benefit from implementing hosted virtual desktops and the industries that can use them.

Benefits of Hosted Virtual Desktops

Hosted virtual desktops include many useful benefits. These benefits include increased flexibility, improved user experiences, increased security, reduced costs, and increased scalability.

1. Increased Flexibility

One benefit of hosted virtual desktops is the increased flexibility they offer. With a hosted virtual desktop, users can access their files and dashboards from any device, including mobile devices, laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. There are several device-agnostic virtual desktop providers on the market, so users can use software and applications regardless of the type of device they are accessing the virtual desktop from. This increased flexibility makes it easy for users to work in remote or freelancing roles in which they will not be in an office environment on a daily basis. Therefore, employees can easily collaborate on projects with co-workers even when they are working in different locations.

Another way that hosted virtual desktops are more flexible than regular computers is that administrators can easily set up the conversion process without having to invest in additional software or infrastructure. This is useful when companies need to provision devices such as thin or zero clients.

2. Improved User Experiences

Hosted virtual desktops also offer improved user experiences. In addition to being able to be accessed from any device, hosted virtual desktops can easily be customized to fit user needs and preferences. Providers like offer faster and more efficient performances than regular computers. When there is an improved user experience, overall user productivity will increase.

3. Increased Security

One of the most significant benefits of using hosted virtual desktops is increased security measures. Users’ data is stored in a secure cloud instead of endpoint devices, where it is more vulnerable. Many hosted virtual desktop providers also include security measures such as firewalls, multi-factor authentication, and access control policies. Sensitive data is protected from malware or cyberattacks at all times. In, if a device is lost or stolen, managers or administrators can remove its access to the corporate server.

4. Reduced Costs

Another key benefit of using hosted virtual desktops is that they can help companies reduce costs. Since the server can be accessed using any device, this eliminates the need for companies to supply devices to employees. Users can also get more use out of old or outdated devices when they use hosted virtual desktops. Additionally, the virtual desktop provider can provide IT support to clients, so no money is lost in case of technical difficulties.

5. Increased Scalability

Another reason businesses should use hosted virtual desktops is that they offer increased scalability. Managers and administrators can easily add or remove users or devices from the central server as needed. For example, businesses that hire new employees on a seasonal basis can greatly benefit from using hosted virtual desktops.

What Industries Can Use Hosted Virtual Desktops?

As the virtual desktop market expands, more industries will adopt the use of hosted virtual desktops. Some use cases for hosted virtual desktops are listed below.

1. Education

Schools and universities can benefit from implementing hosted virtual desktops. Students participating in remote learning can use hosted virtual desktops to easily access their online classes. Since the provider provides IT support, the staff can instead focus on creating innovative lesson plans.

2. Healthcare

The healthcare industry can benefit from using hosted virtual desktops. Healthcare professionals can access patient information anywhere and anytime. Hospitals can also use hosted virtual desktops to implement telemedicine practices so that healthcare can be provided to patients residing in remote areas.

3. Construction

Construction companies can benefit from using hosted virtual desktops. Workers can use software to create and view models. Another way that the construction industry can use virtual desktops is that managers can distribute licenses to software systems like Adobe Creative Cloud and AutoCAD to the appropriate users.

Potential Downsides of Using Hosted Virtual Desktops

However, there are some potential downsides of using hosted virtual desktops that may cause companies to avoid investing in them. One of these potential downsides is that it requires skilled people to manage the infrastructure. Some company managers may worry that they do not have the resources to do this. However, when businesses use as their hosted virtual desktop provider, the support team handles the infrastructure and is available 24/7 to handle any technical difficulties that may arise. Overall, using hosted virtual desktops provides companies with many useful benefits.

More companies than ever are using virtual desktop services. The benefits of using hosted virtual desktops include increased flexibility, improved user experiences, increased security measures, helping companies reduce costs, and increased scalability. Examples of industries that can benefit from using hosted virtual desktops include education, healthcare, and construction.

There are many hosted virtual desktop providers currently on the market. Before choosing one, managers should first consider their needs and sign up for free trials. is a hosted virtual desktop provider that includes all of the benefits mentioned above. has provided virtual PC solutions to companies of all sizes and industries since 2014. For more information on, visit to speak with a product representative and sign up for a live demo.

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