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Is DaaS right for your business? These days, DaaS (Desktop as a Service) is a popular buzz word in technology. In the Information Age, many considered it as the Next Best-Thing that’s in the forefront of cloud computing. Thanks to the power of cloud computing, businesses of all sizes can leverage DaaS to enhance the same resources, whereas prior to DaaS, only companies with the financial capabilities could utilize. With DaaS, infrastructure investment can be considerably reduced or eliminated. Indubitably, DaaS is an outstanding service.

Some may question if the DaaS investment is worthwhile.

What is DaaS?DaaS is a subscription-based model that provides businesses with virtual desktops, and remotely hosted shared sessions on a cloud server. Licensed users can access their files and applications from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. In a DaaS model, any application already in use or are planning to be used can be integrated. Businesses have options to either migrate some or all of their apps to the cloud. DaaS provides the level of flexibility that are needed to operate business functions while still leveraging the ability to keep tab of their data and desktops.

Who should use DaaS?With options such as signing up for cloud storage to hiring in-house IT gurus, businesses have many computing options available to them. The diversity of choices will only continue to grow as technology advances. In determining if DaaS is right for their business, companies will need to assess their business needs and weigh the pros and cons.
Some of the questions companies need to keep in mind may include:

  • Do I hire seasonal employees, which could lead to a high turnover rate?
  • Do I expect to grow my business over time?
  • Do I have many remote users?

DaaS is useful in all of those situations, and possibly more. As companies are scaling up their businesses, they will need to leverage computing power with more memory, faster processing, along with a wide range of applications. All of this comes with costs, which is also time-consuming. With DaaS, it provides the option to choose the applications, which can be customized to determine which ones are needed, and to remove the ones that aren't. Employee turnovers may be expected when operating any business. When there are new employees, who may require specific application requirements, DaaS' capabilities can quickly accommodate their needs, which in turn, could increase their productivity. Another advantage with DaaS is that users' desktops and applications can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, without needing to be an IT professional. DaaS would be considered ideal for many businesses, regardless of the size of the organization. It is a highly adaptive solution that can cater to many businesses, without any exception. With DaaS, the efficient and transitional integration of the businesses' requirements would lead to many positive outcomes.

How can you move your business to DaaS?DaaS' mobility and flexibility allow for smooth transitions. Sometimes, the size of the organization does matter, allowing companies to decide which DaaS model to implement. Migrating data from small size organizations or mid-size organizations is much faster and convenient compared to an enterprise-level organization. The beauty of the transitional process depends only on the constructed migration design. First, a plan needs to be in place for the set of users' groups and the applications they're required to migrate. Next, the authorization level will be required that will allow them to access their data and application seamlessly without any disruption. With vDesk.works, the DaaS transitional journey will be smooth where every aspect of the transition will be diligently implemented and tested to ensure no hurdles will arise.

What’s offered in the subscription?With DaaS, there's no need to deal with unforeseen computer repair costs, security breach risks, or worries about the impact of any unforeseen natural disaster.By enrolling in a DaaS plan, the items listed below are included:

  • Guaranteed enterprise-grade security
  • Implementation and management handling
  • Software license management, where applicable
  • Control data backup, storage, safety, and upgrades
  • Compliance with all regulatory standards

DaaS provides for improved disaster recovery, increased data security and encryption, natural migration to the cloud platform, provisioning of new desktops, and compliance issue resolutions.

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